Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Santa who spoke Marathi!!

Santa Claus Lives!! I proudly read the thoughts passing through my mind. With this very thought I was jolted back to reality. I was amidst the crowd in Nasik and had gone shopping on Christmas Eve!

Standing out of the crowd due to his popular attire, Santa was speaking to all sorts of people; people from all levels, communities and age. Children from 6 to 60 years were trying to speak with him. After all, everyone wanted their wishes to get fulfilled and have them delivered in the stockings.

“Santa Claus. There is so much to learn from him. He has so many avatars,” I pondered. "He is the epitome of beatitude. A messenger of love. A stimulus of hope that affirms that the coming year would be still better. A ray of determination that strengthens the fact that the harder and smarter you work, the bigger and better shall you reap!"

He is persistence personified. No matter WHO you are, where you are, how you are; he will come and deliver your wishes!! Yes, he is an egalitarian, who treats every individual in the same unbiased manner irrespective of his cast and creed.

With that very thought, I realized how oblivious I had become to the surrounding. My mother was trying to tell me something. But I was lost. Lost to the Vishwaroop avatars of Santa Claus. Lost to the limitless positive interpretations that Santa was open to.

For a moment, this led me to a different yet relevant stream of thoughts once again. It generated a great concern for those individuals that pose ridiculous questions about Santa’s existence.

Of course, Santa lives! He lives in everyone’s heart and soul. He lives in different avatars, though. Therefore, these avatars need to be explored by all these souls.

The next jolt of reality came from Santa himself. After his Vishwaroop manifestation of avatars, I thought I was having a divine experience. But it was real. I immediately recalled this, “We are not human beings having a divine experience. We are divine beings having a human experience!”

He spoke to me, “Bhiu Nakos, Mee Tuzhya Paathi Shee Aahe!!”(Don’t be afraid, I am always there with you!) I lost all my residual awareness. Was I hearing the line that was preached many decades back by a Hindu saint, Swami Samartha?

Could it be that Santa represented everyone’s faith in GOD? All Gods work for common goals, don’t they? Harmony & Growth of every being on this earth. So does Santa!! How interesting? Admiration was what I felt for Santa at that moment. This and the immensity of his avatars were growing at an unprecedented rate.

Where was I heading towards with this? Was I trying to uncover the underlying secret of working of all Gods? Was it the connection between all of them that I was discovering? Was it the ….Ohh! I was getting lost again.

Too many questions. Fewer answers. I want to balance this equation. But how?

I began thinking, “If on this auspicious occasion, such a great mystery is revealed, may be time is waiting for another golden opportunity to uncover this secret to me!” The next thought crept up my mind almost instantly, “And that auspicious occasion could be any moment henceforth. It’s our perception of an occasion that makes it auspicious. I have to live in the moment. I have to be present in the moment to enjoy its beauty, for its reverence!

“The more we respect the moment, the more we work in the present, better are our chances of understanding its beauty and its vastness. And also, better are the chances that these mysteries are revealed to us!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

No November

"Ok. It went fast!" I am talking about the pace with which Nov05 appeared and passed by.. I was just a mute spectator. Passively oberving days that were rushing by..

The routine couldnt be more hectic. Arre yaar... not a single blog in N05? Whats up, Saurabh? Couldnt spare even 10 mins for your mind?

As days went by; months became days,
Yesterday; is a month old - Oh! what a pace

The month that shriveled in a day; then into past,
Dearth of time - I felt; "Work dude, work really fast"

A sudden flux of thoughts / ideas / concepts, as I am thinking make me feel normal - again. The Dec05 that has come with a thundering pace should halt for some time, while I feel its presence.

Yes, Rodin's Thinker has all the time to think. Cuz that's what he is, 'The Thinker'. But, for me Dec05 would be all about pace, work, effectiveness - Acting rather than mere thinking. Good.

Welcome Dec05, you are here to stay for some time.. Maybe forever - in my mind atleast.. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Gift

I value the gift you give me,
Intangible it may be in its form

The lasting Values that you have bestowed,
Driving generations ahead; character gets restored

This Love that my love shares,
A feeling of beatitude; the way she cares

The Life which itself is a gift,
Understand this; feel a paradigm shift

Your Blessings; which helps me thrive,
In this tough world; they help me survive

This very Breath that helps me live,
Could be the best of all; that you could give

Its valuable coz it makes me special,
And helps me grow within; grow beyond

Monday, October 10, 2005

Where you lead me... I follow...

Oh Path! Where do you wait?
Restless I become in your search,
Fathoming your existence; your nature,
Tracing your identity in this confused mess

One who finds you has arrived,
One who has lost you; is striving,
You sit poised and observe; us humans;
In our attempt to bring order to this chaos

Those who reach you are still restless,
Those unable to; are still in distress,
How shall I find you in your latent form,
In purity you exist; manifest to tangible

You manifest to those with purpose,
And drive them to their goal; their cause,
Happy they are to find you in nascent form,
They take journey with you; to your completion

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Close encounter with the mind

Thoughts, thoughts and thoughts... jus can't live without'em. They become words when properly thought. Jus writing som'thing for the heck of it. Nothing flowing..

My mind in oblivion and I feel lonely,
What I ought to be; am impersonating slowly

Thoughts and the patterns in total mess,
Help me out God; please bless

Some thoughts on this gloomy day,
reverberate in my mind and stay

I know this day would go away fast,
Drab day, dull patterns wont really last

Already gumption seems to have taken over me,
Want to fly beyond reach; want to be just me

The power of mind I have quickly discovered,
Dullness is just a state; happiness got triggered

Now I feel totally renewed,
Rejoicing I am; and feel revived

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chaos Cleansing

My mind is digging the oblivion, trying to confound it with awareness. It is trying to stimulate elation in my morbid brain. It shall manifest, I am certain. The mind consumes lethargy and supplements it with ample dose of energy to keep my mortal cycle running.

This process of rejuvenation stems from a mere thought of loved and dear ones. You diagnose your self with Love! It drives us insane when we expound the state of our heart to her and she agrees. I am experiencing a transcendental feeling called Love.

It still remanins something profound and mystical. It is driven by something incomprehensible existing since eternity till eternity. It just happens!

Ok. fellas... this was just some chaotic outburst I experienced today... need not make sense to yal. Still cleared my mind from disorder and brought new order to it! Chaos Cleansing, shall I say! :)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

An element called Love...and Nature

Very playful soul the nature has,
Teaches us while it plays,
The simplicity it exudes,
Is still profound in its form

It has given us this mind,
To think and grow rich,
But we confuse and fickle
Its power we need to harness

The element of love,
Co-existing since eternity,
Also known as bond,
Newton called it gravity

The element of love
And intangible
Drives us
Makes us feel divine

Captures our imagination
Signifies the bond
Between two beings

The element of love
So intense
And playful
And vivacious

The element of love
helps us live life
in days of sadness
in days of utter dismay
in days of total helplessness
at times when you feel gloomy
at times when you feel alone
at times of utter confusion

when hope seems to be the only anchor in our life...

This element of love lifts us and navigates us to live Life!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Timeless Thoughts

Words manifested from thoughts,
Reality created from thoughts,
Essence of our self is thoughts
Our being evolves due to thoughts

As your mind leaps to unbound concepts,
Thoughts transcend the bounded reality,
Your valor fathoms unfamiliar territory,
Your inner self grows, evolves and liberates.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just another day...

Just another day
The sun has shone
and bequeathed the happy rays unto us

Just another day
The wind has blown
Whistling and singing news from afar

Just another day
for us to cheer
all the moments we have relished

Just another day
The mighty eagle has soared
Charting its course to heights not reached

Just another day
When mind has taken wings
and leapt to concepts unimaginable

Just another day
You are re-born
To live the life you always wanted

Just another day
The atoms have fused
To liberate the energy untapped

Just another day
A routine has materialized
To get shattered by unconventional minds

Just another day
A legend is born
To inspire millions of uninspired souls

Just another day
A record is created
Only to be broken, just another day

Just another day
When I meet you
And feel like heaven, yet again

Just another day
When you meet me
And realise the potential we have together

Just another day
You realise that its there to stay
And get born again, just another day

Friday, August 26, 2005

Rhyming Rains

The incessant rains trying to suffice,
Thirsty fields, empty wells and nature’s cries

Widening cracks in the barren lands,
Welcoming rains to come and fill,
Vacant gaps, mounting thirst and dry sands
This is nature's time to grow and instill

The lands that were hot are now quenched,
Along with the creatures the trees are drenched

The season that helps a dying bud survive,
Brings hope to life; Behold! Here rains arrive

This season nature takes 9 months to conceive,
A boon is born this season; this is what I perceive

Thoughts in temple

Amidst this chaos I sit and listen,
To requests and worries, people encounter often,
Chaos is apparent; divinity everyone wants,
To go beyond, my name everyone chants!

The truth you discovered was always present,
You are aware now, enjoy the moment!

The transition has begun in the minds of people,
Clarity is manifesting; their minds no longer fickle.

The happiness that I perceive,
Feels new; yet seems so recursive.

The tranquility is so subtle; so embracing,
Grows abound as you explore; so refreshing.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Your eyes so beautiful, comfort they give,
A spirit to enjoy, a reason to live!

This event so crucial, I feel I am in bliss,
Your smile, your nature; I sure can not miss.

Your name so striking, gives me inspiration,
Empowering my soul, it is my motivation!

So soothing is your touch; alleviates my rage.
Elevating me higher; gives me courage,

Blessed I feel, in your presence so divine,
My heart tells me, you are eternally mine.

Deeply relieved feels my soul,
Together we are, united as a whole!

What I had thought was lost, has arrived,
Taking me a step further, I feel revived!

Like a child I feel, I am rejuvenated,
Taking care of me, you look so decorated!

Offering me your company; how caring you are?
Caressing me you’re near; my dear not very far!

What is it that really troubles you?
Is it my commitment that worries you?

The day that was and the day today is,
I am inspired and loved; I feel I am in bliss

The person I am is not a person I was,
Better person I have become; you are the cause

Opened my mind that was earlier blocked,
The door to limitless possibilities was totally locked

Helped me unwind; helped me each time,
Conquering my fears; you look so sublime

Your mere thought makes me pulsate,
Such is your appearance; such is your gait

I need your help; I have come to a threshold,
Beyond I cannot go alone; help me be bold

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Cosmic Uthal-Puthal

I am Antariksha. I have neither an origin nor an end. I am everywhere. The entire pedigree of stars comes from me. I am the absolute power. Power lies in the profound silence that I exhibit. I am sole reason everything exists.

Energy lies in every segment of mine. The genesis of manifested and unmanifested energy is I. I am the creator of time and space. They are my subordinates. The geneology of knowledge has originated from me. I am the knowledge.

Generations have passed when the 'human' has tried to explore my roots. But whenever he discovers something primordial, his origin and his idea of existence is pushed back to an indefinite past. I create the sense of primordialness.

I help metaphysics to initiate. The immense intricate supremacy enhances my intelluctual mind to spin its symmetrical web around everything.

No one can foretell my mind and its intricacies. I develop the laws. I clarify the utter sense of existence of a law. Anthropology, ethology and every branch of science are few sub-branches of 'existence'. Existence is also a small branch of the enormous tree of Antariksha that has its roots reaching to God.

Neo S T A T I K

Strange is the reality; still stranger is fiction,
Plotting and evolving reality; crafting new diction

The world has to be seen, through the eyes of innocence,
It strengthens your beliefs and overshadows your ignorance

Reality is static; imagination gives possibility,
Bestowing wings of wisdom; creating new reality.

CHANGE - at a glance!

There are small moments of pleasure which you should not miss. Their time of occurence is unknown. But they bring a totally new wave of excitement and enthusiasm with them. We should register it and 'let it go'. Don't try to capture it. It would move on anyway. Why bother?

That was a moment of reality that you had accepted. Why stay there? It has become an element of past now. Move on. That is nature. That is the 'Dharma'. Change is eternal. Everlasting. Try to resist change and you would feel the turbulent forces of change!

Every moment is ephemeral, transient yet eternal. But it has only changed its form. Now you see it as 'past'. Earlier it was 'present'. Thats the beauty of it. If you live in the moment, you have experienced the truth.

The latent characteristic of every evolution is change. It is because of this change that we evolve.

A child evolves into a man, a bud into a giant tree, rocks into mountain. But one thing stands time. Change. This 'change' sows the seeds of intelligence and wisdom into everything that is bound by the eternal process of Growth. And it not merely grows, but grows cumulatively.

This cumulative behaviour gives wisdom. Every micro-incremental ladder of change has 'flights' of wisdom in it.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Creation of Death - an enquiry

Something terrible, something dreaded, something present since life - Death.

Death. The purpose of its creation is yet unknown.. we are all here for a cause, as they say.. and we die in the process of exploring the 'purpose' itself.... Is that our 'purpose'? To find the real 'purpose' of our life? Then, when do we really live? What do we really live for? Do we ever go beyond 'purpose'?

Does it mean that the 'purpose' is bestowed upon us the moment we take birth.. and the moment we die, is it that our 'purpose' is fullfilled? or does it remain unfulfilled? HOW DO WE KNOW? it needs to be explored...

How do we even know what our 'purpose' is? No body tells us. Most of us are living a 'purposeless' life on this earth...this godforsaken earth? Why are we unclear about 'purpose'? Something so profound, our lives are driven with / without it. How do we know if 'whatever' we are doing has a purpose/is purposeless? Hard to tell...

Is death just a astral transition from one body to another? So, many questions baffle me at this threshold of time... On one side is Life wanting to embrace me... on the other side is Death waiting to embrace me...

Which one should I traverse? Life / Death? Is Life more liberating or death more exciting? Two sides of the same coin? Difficult to comprehend... Cant be told unless we experience both.

Life and death are playing this game,
whether its a win or loss; depends on self,
Live to death and die to live; its the same
Am I fulfilling my purpose? - ask your 'self'.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


...thus, it ended only to open the realms not travelled, uncharted territories, untrodden paths. Many things were realised, many yet to be realised. But one thing remained - experience!

Experience. That vital information resource, that manifests itself after traversing the unexlored zone of nature - time!

Experience which is a relentless restructuring process carves a human being into cognizance. Experience is about cognizance, it is the root of cognizance...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Darkness - the dark side of light !

Darkness. Something existing since primordial era... It still maintains a mystical aura around itself!

So familiar, yet so enigmatic. 'Familiarity can be fatal too!'

Ever since we have become self - aware, we are scared of darkness. Because its so common, yet mysterious. It has many secrets. The Dark zone. Remains unexplored, even when light is at our rescue!

Grows profound! The more we see, the more we see there is to see!

Discovery of Fire. We got scared to hell even more. Shadows formed, made darkness even more mystical!!

Light travels to its realms to conquer darkness. Not darkness. It reigns supreme. It simply sits in its majestic throne, observing us!

Darkness is natural. Not Light. Night, but not Day. Even where light cannot reach, darkness reigns! Imagine if there was no light source! What would spread its web in every corner of this universe? Darkness!

Darkness is the genesis of light.

Darkness. It is a constant reminder to us, that there is more to conquer! More to explore. More to seek.

Lets not baffle ourselves for what light is; instead what darkness is. What power it envelopes, what power it manifests, what knowledge it unfolds! Lets change our perspectives towards darkness! It is there to stay..lets harness it!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wat Nxt?

Human's greed? Knowledge. Degradation. Values. Wat nxt?

Material. Spiritual. Growth. Essence. Oneness. Wat Nxt?

Greed? Elemental Drive. Elemental Drag. Wat Nxt?

"Good for some; God for rest"

Lies behind. Lies ahead. Lies inside. Discovery. Wat Nxt?

Some charting their paths; some cluttering their paths.

Wat Nxt? Attitude. Dont-give-a-damn-to-wat's-nxt attitude. Chill-out-dude-wat's-nxt? attidude.

Love. Inspiration. Elation. Poetry. Impression. Mind. Observation. View. Wat Nxt?

Thoughts. Patterns. Observation. Feedback. Growth. Evolution. Wat Nxt?

Birth. Life. Objective. Purpose. Live! Death. Wat nxt?

Failure. Learn / Unlearn. Experience. Success. Growth. Wat Nxt?

Unicellular.multicellular. apes. humans. homo sapiens sapiens. Wat Nxt?

Wat Nxt? Earth. Sun. Andromeda. Galaxy. Universes. Parallel Universes. Black holes. White Holes. Space-time continuum. Wat Nxt?

Science. Meta physics. Occult. Physics. Philosophy. Wat Nxt?

Certainty. Uncertainty. Chaos / order? Wat nxt?

Thinking Tree. Growth. People. Communities. World. Wat nxt?

So, fellas Wat nxt?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Still thinking !

The poet in me lives,
waiting to get inspired,
a spark for which it strives,
a spark waiting to get fired!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

On The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci I read and knew Langdon’s deed
Encrypting and decoding reality; Brown’s a genius indeed!

The Rose line I walked on and fathomed Neveu’s alacrity,
Cherishing Sauniere’s intelligence along with Fache’s tenacity!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mind Speak

Getting nostalgic over the years,
For the achievements obtained in the past,
Struggling over the impediments & fears,
To meet life's challenges in a future so vast!

I never knew who I am or who I was,
I was only a speck, in this God's cause,
Now it does not matter; I have begun to explore,
The true nature of my work; that I knew not before

I have begun again where I had left,
Trying to bridge across, this apparent cleft,
Dying to uncover the secrets of my soul,
Shall bring me closer to God, making me whole!

Mystic Memories

How shall I inherit, the knowledge in my genes?
Understanding its nature; the power that it gleans.

Helping me further; getting over this quest,
Courage, brain and me; all are put to test

The journey I trace in an enquiry to reveal,
Mystic codes to live; presenting directions to unveil.

A need has grown in a cause so weird,
An enquiry to answer, from memories so smeared.

Memories are inconspicuous, they all seem nebulous,
But memories are treasured; let’s get out of this fuss.

What we have lived; is from where we derive,
Solutions to enquiries; to bliss – now I arrive

Memories are distant; now they are prominent,
They finally are clear now; I feel so exultant.

So joyous I feel, that the memories are identified,
The quest to my genes has left me gratified.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pondering with nature!

Nature has its beauty, which I cannot fathom,
Dancing around gracefully, in its cosmic rhythm.

Understand the nature, realize its serenity,
Life is still larger, filled with vivacity.

Life goes on, as it never ends,
This is the truth, the nature portends.

Nature is mysterious; Nature has its rage,
Creating and destroying; breaking the karmic cage

Nature has its power, which it manifests,
To test our fortitude, it puts up tests.

How shall I, a little human, demystify?
Nature’s eternal beatitude, need I testify?

Nature is subtle; Nature has its grace,
Gently evolving us – the human race.

Divine I felt coz divine I was,
When I saw angel holding the Holy Cross!

I implored the angel, “Show me the way!”
“Look inside you”, said Angel happy and gay.

“What is Darkness, it only feigns,
Perceive the light, for it truly reigns.”

“Oh! What matter, the emptiness contains?”
“Life is omnipresent.” the angel maintains.

“Oh Lord! How shall I learn?”
“Learning is a myth, now learn to unlearn.”

“Learning to die and dying to learn,
Die to escape; to learn, let your fingers burn.”

“Learning to die or am I dying to learn?”
“Are you still perplexed?” asked angel with concern

“Should I just relax or should I meditate?”
“The answer is within you, just let it precipitate.”

“Its really helpful, the job that you do.”
“Thanks”, said angel, “there’s still so much to do.”

“You need to be happy; together you should stay,
Pray you should; growth is God will pay.”

The Discovery

How should I comprehend, the oblivion I am in?
The unfathomable mind; the limitless void within.

The restless mind; trying to settle,
Trying to assuage; finding its true mettle.

The higher you go its vastness you encounter,
An untapped iota; an intangible splinter.

Forever it takes, the journey inward,
Elevating your mind, pushing you forward.

The clearer you become, the faster you transcend,
This material world; spiritually you ascend.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

As BIG as it gets!

While travelling in bus in Pune, I encountered a very old man standing in front of me. I could feel his breath. Yes, we were that close!

His expressions, his aged body and his innocent eyes compelled me to remember him. Thus, I began a search that would make him immortal in my memory. I tried to observe some unique feature, some strange expressions, some sense in his attire, something that would make him eternal in my memory!

Then, somehow, I noticed that element. It was His glasses. Something was remarkably strange about them. “It was their size”, I observed. I could see my entire face in it. They were so humungous! Those glasses covered 75% of his wrinkled face. The wrinkled face that had seen many monsoons pass by. The legs, so used to travelling and boarding buses, his hands so thin but still strong enough to hold him in his position, yet he overlooked the pain that they were suffering from.

His struggle, so evident in his whitish grey hair, in his every effort; the struggle from now and then, here and there, near and far! The struggle that had made him proud of what he was.

Behind his old and big glasses, were trained eyes, old enough, to foretell the arrival of a stop even without looking at the earlier one!

The noticeable blood vessels on his neck that had narrated to countless people they had spoken to, commanded, pleaded over, the blessings that they had given and had screamed with joy!

His respect was growing continually in my mind!

He was someone who was possessed. Possessed by his own self. Possessed by the indomitable spirit that had carved him into existence.

This was as BIG as it could have got. Life was there in front of me. Screaming with delight, screaming with hope!

His description transcended all known words. It was something that clearly explained the purpose of life, which was Life itself!

It was to reach somewhere. Somewhere beyond purpose, somewhere beyond sky, where HE lies! “I want to reach till Him,” he said. “Because there lies the genesis of all purposes and meaning of every ones’ life!”

But to understand that, you are sent to earth.I was already getting overwhelmed by this experience.

Life was telling me to live! And How? It was through someone like this old man. He had taught me to live. He is an eternal, by all means, even before I wanted to categorize him.

Death is only a beginning, it is rightly said. There are people who die every moment thinking about death and there are those who believe that there’s something more to life than death!

“It just keeps getting better and better!,” I admired and admitted.