Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Gift

I value the gift you give me,
Intangible it may be in its form

The lasting Values that you have bestowed,
Driving generations ahead; character gets restored

This Love that my love shares,
A feeling of beatitude; the way she cares

The Life which itself is a gift,
Understand this; feel a paradigm shift

Your Blessings; which helps me thrive,
In this tough world; they help me survive

This very Breath that helps me live,
Could be the best of all; that you could give

Its valuable coz it makes me special,
And helps me grow within; grow beyond


  1. hey dude never knew the poetic side of you....continue the good work...

  2. Good way to define the love, these feelings are really hard to express in a words but you can do it and can still mean what you exactly want to say.Excellent.