Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Your Shoes

There are moments of pain, and moments of glory
Creating and carving, and conceiving your own story
Vision you found - laden with clues
Inching every step to be in your shoes

The history was replete with the pains you faced
While others wondered, in awe they gazed
There were souls - in the pink yet in the blues
I implore ye Lord, tell - what it meant to be in your shoes

The shoes were dusty and at times they shone
In times of hardship, when others were stolid and drone
When yours shoes weathered, they made news
Others gasped, how you stayed in your shoes

Unruffled you were, when others argued and cursed
In your self you believed, never in your might you blushed
While others lost faith in their shoes,
How you transformed lives and led - in your shoes

Beneath your shoes, there lay a soul,
Like none other, you were certain with a role,
To reinstate faith and to let loose,
To create your destiny and to be in your own shoes

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In Search of a Perfect Newspaper

Ever since I moved to Pune earlier this year, I could not read Economic Times or any other newspaper. Why? Because, apparently, where I stay in Baner Road, there is hardly any newspaper stall nearby. No kidding.

So today, I set out on this mini-mission to 'explore' the whereabouts of the nearest Newspaper stall. And I was appalled with the findings.

Those of who are familiar with Pune, Balewadi stadium is away from Aundh. I started my journey towards the Balewadi stadium in a hope to find the nearest newspaper stall. And I traveled from Symantec and traveled further till 4-5 km. And I found nothing.

Disappointed as I was, but was resolute too of finding a newspaper stall, I retraced my steps towards Aundh. After reaching Parihar Chowk, I found a newspaper stall that quenched my thirst of a newspaper.

All in all, I had to travel about 7-8 km to find a newspaper stall. Business opportunity anyone? Phew.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thoughts at 12.30am

I want to write today. It is close to 12.30am now, and I want to write. This feeling of sudden loneliness has grown over me I guess. I am writing what occurs to me, AS IS.

I am currently staying in a boys hostel at Pune. Having relocated to Pune for a new career opportunity, I'm enjoying my stay here. There's lot to learn from solitude. But I am keeping myself busy by watching movies and listening to my fav songs. This way I actually don't get to spend time in solitude, which is bad in a way. But this way I also keep myself engaged.

Mind attunes itself pretty quickly and I am known to adapt to situations quickly. Well, I have adapted to Pune and this 2-cot room too.

I will be spending another 2 months alone in Pune before my family joins me. Till then, I want to be involved in activities like trekking, traveling, book clubs, etc. to keep myself occupied.

The new company I've joined is pretty good. Lot of things to learn in it. Good thing is it's a software product company, so there's lot more to learn. The people here are also very supportive. They help the creativity flourish.

Lots to do now.. I'm at the planning stage right now. Things are going well and they'll become better in the days to come.

Stay tuned. Rock on. Godspeed.