Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm a Rebel

With a surprising stealth, the thoughts crept in
A strong rebellion I felt; wait - there's more within
Rebel's waiting to erupt; simmering with a gentle grace
Shattering old paradigms; new ideas are popping in

Behold! A new sun has seen the dawn
New hope has risen; old pains have gone
Worries no longer, the agony shan't last
The Rebel awaits its birth; the seeds are sown

The thoughts I harness; the mind in which they lay
Mind mill churning; old patterns be swept away
Its time to re-create History and revive it with future,
Breaking myths, creating legends; Rebel is here to stay

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

yes! its happening...

there's more to day; there's more to achieve,
mind sifting through concepts; trying to perceive

the night is young; the day getting conceived,
exploring miracles; with Life, where have you lived?

my journey has begun; restless and staggering
but people I've met; are really caring and loving

the fun side of Life or the dark side that stays
choice decides the future; why such tricks Life plays

To err is natural but choices are humane
being restless is ok; its a part of the game

My eyes drifting; between changing reality and sleep
trying to hold the reality; trying to have a vice like grip

With lesser vices, the new dawn shall surge
brining new Hope; this is how Life shall emerge

this is how it began...

trying to speak volumes about what was happening
this was how it began; nebulae, void and stars glittering

void would ask worriedly, where will the Big Bang happen
Stretch yourself and grow; singularity would answer often

universe oozing through the bubbling bang
glowing and growing; celestial songs they all sang

with all its might force, the univese grew and reached
interfered with multiverses; space-time was breached

Deduced Hubble, void was gaping, galaxies separating
a mile would be a light-year long; everything parting

It's Crichton, I read; and saw it gaping
but void, it remained; saw Dark matter escaping

Its time to sleep; novel concepts I shall dream,
will have quantum foam all over, this celestial icecream

Friday, April 07, 2006

the twig and the leaf

Feelings so strong; I had hardly noticed,
the driven spirit; filled with Life,
riding the crests of hope;
all set to conquer the troughs

seasoned leaves; leaving the Holy branch
Leaving to seek the truth out there
the other truth; which the twig discovers
lies in living with the tree; experiencing growth

very charged my spirit has become
restless to surge out,
breaking the hopeless body;
want to empower the soul; the resource within

thoughts have filled the timeless soul,
every barrier to be broken
every mind-less soul to be shaken
Holy branch is poised; twig waiting to become seasoned

intensity of reality was greatly admired,
roots were shaken; spirit and soul were charged
a new dawn awaits; a generation awakens,
Twig waits its turn while the leaf boldens

season has come; every leaf is breaking off
wind helping it break; saying get off
old systems and old culture; shedding off
Soul migrates to a new leaf; again - lets start off

A new twig is born; a new leaf changed
exuding Life; oozing freshness from within
the subtle aroma brought by distant land
where it rains; bringing Life to another seed