Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have a Vision

I have a vision
of a liberal society, where minds are not infected
where beliefs are not dissected

I have a vision
of a trillion dominos arranged by fate
the right domino for me to select and wait
actions that would initiate a chain
driven by vision and would help my life gain

I have a vision
of a butterfly effect my actions would cause,
identifying and carefully removing the flaws;

I have a vision
of an undiscovered God
establishing Himself and preaching by sword
seeing His powers blossom
of an unseen fury in this microcosm

I have a vision
of finding lost humanity in these confines of mind
of reviving beliefs, triggering a soul of new kind

I have a vision
of a better me
a real me
wandering lonely on a crowded street
discovering my self in this divine retreat

Friday, January 04, 2008

Life and Beyond

and relentless passion
sermoning reality
on false beliefs

Ignorant Minds
Divinity and Faith
growing abound
beyond confined paradigms

Thoughts in a fix
startled emotions
Degrees of freedom
outgrowing beliefs

oblivious harmony
overshadowed by pain
remaining incognito
in the confines of reality

tranforming life
to outreach horizons
Reliving and reviving
transcending Life

Fertile imagination
creative ideas boosting Spirit
resurrected harmony
Outgrowing Life