Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Darkness - the dark side of light !

Darkness. Something existing since primordial era... It still maintains a mystical aura around itself!

So familiar, yet so enigmatic. 'Familiarity can be fatal too!'

Ever since we have become self - aware, we are scared of darkness. Because its so common, yet mysterious. It has many secrets. The Dark zone. Remains unexplored, even when light is at our rescue!

Grows profound! The more we see, the more we see there is to see!

Discovery of Fire. We got scared to hell even more. Shadows formed, made darkness even more mystical!!

Light travels to its realms to conquer darkness. Not darkness. It reigns supreme. It simply sits in its majestic throne, observing us!

Darkness is natural. Not Light. Night, but not Day. Even where light cannot reach, darkness reigns! Imagine if there was no light source! What would spread its web in every corner of this universe? Darkness!

Darkness is the genesis of light.

Darkness. It is a constant reminder to us, that there is more to conquer! More to explore. More to seek.

Lets not baffle ourselves for what light is; instead what darkness is. What power it envelopes, what power it manifests, what knowledge it unfolds! Lets change our perspectives towards darkness! It is there to stay..lets harness it!

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