Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Ayn Rand Effect

I am re-reading The Fountainhead after 6 years, and must admit that it is making much more sense to me now. Somehow I am able to relate to it better and also able to properly gather Ayn Rand's thoughts about Howard Roark, Peter Keating, Ellsworth Toohey, Dominique Francon, Henry Cameron and Gail Wynand.

I feel that these characters in some form or another live in us. They manifest during certain situations and we behave like them. Ayn Rand has beautifully presented such characters. No, its not a critique on Ayn Rand's work. I am merely writing my impressions about The Fountainhead that I am beginning to discover. Its amazing.

Their thought processes, their rationalizations, reasonings, etc also form a part of our logical and lateral thought processes. As I continue reading the book, I am sure there will be even more revelations, which I will share with you all. Till then, hang on and keep reading.

Some statements present themselves in my mind as I read The Fountainhead:

"He had not shown any signs of immortality. Somehow, he grew on to become one."

"He watched with stark innocence at his team's dismal display of immaturity."

"It seemed that thoughts had not inhabited his mind from a long time. His mind had become infertile. New ideas had be sown. New thought patterns had to be cultivated to make it fertile."

"He had become desperate. Desperate enough to run around and snatch the next bright idea from someone else's mind and implement it."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

all in a day's work

Concerned emotions. Changing notions. Brutal reality. Evolving reality. Rough day. Tough day. Changing paradigms. Concepts. Shocking performance. Conjured reasons. Plebeian people. Notional differences. Plummeting.

Transforming reality. Better people. Better performances. Evidence. Confidence. Juggernaut. Sharpening Saws. Competition. Late nights. Working capital. Improved performance. Sustained performance. Skyrocketing. Catapulting. Sundry. Collectivism. Individualism. Attitudes. Howard Roark.

Asterix. Obelix. Cacaphonix. Matrix. Vanishing reality. Blinding. Blink. Change. Surreal emotions. Overwhelming emotions. Susceptible phonenix. Charting paths. Drunken soul. Startling.


Just some words instantly put. Need not make sense to yal .Some randomly presented themselves with some deep, uncomprehensible purpose. Some with a definite purpose. But all related somehow. Deep within.


another instant thought:

"It would be too impolite to rob a man of his innocence"


Surreal senses. Danger within. Danger beyond. Reigning terror. Brutal strength. Core competence. Growing competence. Radical sabotage. Espionage. Relieved senses. New life. New twigs.

Space. Cosmos. Space within. Hubble. Expanding Universe. Multiverses. Souls. Growing Apart. Distant thoughts. Relatively similar. Uncertain thoughts. Uncertain location. Trespassing souls. Overcoming souls. Singular drive. Elemental drive. Singularity.


Invention. Discovery. Eureka. Rene Descartes. Einstein. Telescope. Vision. Transcending images. Transcending wisdom. Concepts. Bubble. Burst. New bubble.

Flash. Creativity. Invading innovation. Deep. Novel concept. Nascent thoughts. Hone. Tools. Cycle. Ups Downs. Crests. Troughs. Crests. Notions. Gravity. Situational drive. Crystal. Innocence.

Hooray!! Hooray!!


As I said, need not make sense to yal.


Impervious Soul. Solid state. Mettle. Human. Howard Roark. End of story. Period. Begnining. Focused efforts. Success. Growth. Evolution.

Hooray! :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The word is out

the crisis has abated
insightful guardian
finding causality
envisioning; the word is out

breathtaking beauty
Her vastness; unifying
her freedom and felicity
sublime emotions; the word is out

journey has commenced
the divine arrival
in the human form
God Being; the word is out

Eternal me and her
stimulating patterns
liberated souls
manifesting; the word is out

stream of knowledge
flowing through the mind
instilling wisdom in the mortal self
Growing; the word is out

Disintegrating ego
channeling emotions,
through the gateway of passion
in a Tryst called Life; the word is out

Conceived beliefs and religions
notions and dogmas
all eradicating and integrating
into Singularity; the word is out

Humans with a divine soul
mortal body, regaining nobility
pure thoughts and paradigms
the Grandeur within; the word is out

Thursday, February 15, 2007

another view of Aarti


The Grand Gangaji's Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat at Banaras

The Holy Ganges

Ganga, as seen from Train...

Banaras street

One of the crowded street of Banaras

one of my favorite photos...

Gods with Dogs

Do you see a footprint beneath the veil of water?

another photo of Ghat at Banaras

Siberian birds on Ganga

Banaras Ghats

Bramha Ghat at Banaras

Banaras trip photos

Sunrays emerging through the mortal sky!
(as seen from the train)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

fantastic trip to Banaras

Guys and Gals,
Just back from a fantastic trip from Banaras. It was a super-charging trip from one Holy city (Nasik) to another (Banaras)...

Boy, was it fun! Met up lot of my relatives for the first time... most of them have left an indeliable mark on me. Enjoyed everything from Malai-yo (a super light delight full of rich proteins), to crowded streets, to the Holy Ganga, the list is endless.

I danced like never before during all the ceremonies of marriage! (yes, its all recorded and may be displayed)...

Okay.. more of it later.. promise!

have fun,