Monday, January 30, 2006

Life, or something like it..

Wierd title, right? Yeah, well, I was wondering about it too... After deep pretence and absolutely no forethought, I decided to go ahead with this title...

Life's been, as usual, very hectic!! A Big event is reaching its completion; called NIMA Index 2006. We have presented our company at this exhibition.. Encountering maddening crowd.. Actually, clients are hidden in this crowd.. Locating and approaching the right person is a skillful art, which I am gradually learning.. :)

A crowd of around 1.5 Lacs (thas rite!) is expected. Our target is 10,000 ppl (only). Having one of the first stalls in Nima Index has its distinct advantages. We can target ppl when they are fresh and can bombard them with our 'spiel'. They have greater attention span. Ok, more of my blah later..

Anyways, I will fill in the details later once the exhibition is over and the real stuff of contacting these clients shall begin...

Lotsa things to do; lotsa things to plan,
Gotta do it with passion; gotta do it with elan

Strictly a human game - our concept,
There's lot more to do; one would expect

Experiences, both new and old; understanding them bit by bit,
Cherishing Growth in the process; Life, or something like it

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Changing perceptions

My perceptions about the world are changing,
The reality is subtle and engaging,
The time is rolling ahead and churning,
Deep within, a new soul is emerging

As the new life emerges and blossoms,
Cherishes as it grows and fathoms,
unattempted efforts; as our 'self' sharpens
Opportunities grow and life brightens