Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just another day...

Just another day
The sun has shone
and bequeathed the happy rays unto us

Just another day
The wind has blown
Whistling and singing news from afar

Just another day
for us to cheer
all the moments we have relished

Just another day
The mighty eagle has soared
Charting its course to heights not reached

Just another day
When mind has taken wings
and leapt to concepts unimaginable

Just another day
You are re-born
To live the life you always wanted

Just another day
The atoms have fused
To liberate the energy untapped

Just another day
A routine has materialized
To get shattered by unconventional minds

Just another day
A legend is born
To inspire millions of uninspired souls

Just another day
A record is created
Only to be broken, just another day

Just another day
When I meet you
And feel like heaven, yet again

Just another day
When you meet me
And realise the potential we have together

Just another day
You realise that its there to stay
And get born again, just another day


  1. just another day
    i read your poems
    realise the potential of writing

    just another day
    u r my mentor
    to inspire as the day pass

    just another day
    feel lucky for the fact
    u being my friend

  2. just another day i expressed it
    just another day you read it
    just another day i know you will reply
    But its just another day....

    Dont laugh...
    You are good in writing but am better in understanding what you write...