Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Santa who spoke Marathi!!

Santa Claus Lives!! I proudly read the thoughts passing through my mind. With this very thought I was jolted back to reality. I was amidst the crowd in Nasik and had gone shopping on Christmas Eve!

Standing out of the crowd due to his popular attire, Santa was speaking to all sorts of people; people from all levels, communities and age. Children from 6 to 60 years were trying to speak with him. After all, everyone wanted their wishes to get fulfilled and have them delivered in the stockings.

“Santa Claus. There is so much to learn from him. He has so many avatars,” I pondered. "He is the epitome of beatitude. A messenger of love. A stimulus of hope that affirms that the coming year would be still better. A ray of determination that strengthens the fact that the harder and smarter you work, the bigger and better shall you reap!"

He is persistence personified. No matter WHO you are, where you are, how you are; he will come and deliver your wishes!! Yes, he is an egalitarian, who treats every individual in the same unbiased manner irrespective of his cast and creed.

With that very thought, I realized how oblivious I had become to the surrounding. My mother was trying to tell me something. But I was lost. Lost to the Vishwaroop avatars of Santa Claus. Lost to the limitless positive interpretations that Santa was open to.

For a moment, this led me to a different yet relevant stream of thoughts once again. It generated a great concern for those individuals that pose ridiculous questions about Santa’s existence.

Of course, Santa lives! He lives in everyone’s heart and soul. He lives in different avatars, though. Therefore, these avatars need to be explored by all these souls.

The next jolt of reality came from Santa himself. After his Vishwaroop manifestation of avatars, I thought I was having a divine experience. But it was real. I immediately recalled this, “We are not human beings having a divine experience. We are divine beings having a human experience!”

He spoke to me, “Bhiu Nakos, Mee Tuzhya Paathi Shee Aahe!!”(Don’t be afraid, I am always there with you!) I lost all my residual awareness. Was I hearing the line that was preached many decades back by a Hindu saint, Swami Samartha?

Could it be that Santa represented everyone’s faith in GOD? All Gods work for common goals, don’t they? Harmony & Growth of every being on this earth. So does Santa!! How interesting? Admiration was what I felt for Santa at that moment. This and the immensity of his avatars were growing at an unprecedented rate.

Where was I heading towards with this? Was I trying to uncover the underlying secret of working of all Gods? Was it the connection between all of them that I was discovering? Was it the ….Ohh! I was getting lost again.

Too many questions. Fewer answers. I want to balance this equation. But how?

I began thinking, “If on this auspicious occasion, such a great mystery is revealed, may be time is waiting for another golden opportunity to uncover this secret to me!” The next thought crept up my mind almost instantly, “And that auspicious occasion could be any moment henceforth. It’s our perception of an occasion that makes it auspicious. I have to live in the moment. I have to be present in the moment to enjoy its beauty, for its reverence!

“The more we respect the moment, the more we work in the present, better are our chances of understanding its beauty and its vastness. And also, better are the chances that these mysteries are revealed to us!!

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  1. Nice reading.You are full of imaginative ideas. I am impressed