Thursday, August 25, 2005


Your eyes so beautiful, comfort they give,
A spirit to enjoy, a reason to live!

This event so crucial, I feel I am in bliss,
Your smile, your nature; I sure can not miss.

Your name so striking, gives me inspiration,
Empowering my soul, it is my motivation!

So soothing is your touch; alleviates my rage.
Elevating me higher; gives me courage,

Blessed I feel, in your presence so divine,
My heart tells me, you are eternally mine.

Deeply relieved feels my soul,
Together we are, united as a whole!

What I had thought was lost, has arrived,
Taking me a step further, I feel revived!

Like a child I feel, I am rejuvenated,
Taking care of me, you look so decorated!

Offering me your company; how caring you are?
Caressing me you’re near; my dear not very far!

What is it that really troubles you?
Is it my commitment that worries you?

The day that was and the day today is,
I am inspired and loved; I feel I am in bliss

The person I am is not a person I was,
Better person I have become; you are the cause

Opened my mind that was earlier blocked,
The door to limitless possibilities was totally locked

Helped me unwind; helped me each time,
Conquering my fears; you look so sublime

Your mere thought makes me pulsate,
Such is your appearance; such is your gait

I need your help; I have come to a threshold,
Beyond I cannot go alone; help me be bold


  1. where is she, who inspired u?

  2. u r indeed inspiration to all the readers!