Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fire Starter

Divine chaos and divine mortality
the inferno within; the ultimate tranquillity
the source code of Life; like a scarlet fire
momentary anguish and the momentary ire

pain succumbing to pain; inhibited crime
turbulence to passion; transcending the sublime
vibrant thoughts in a prolific stance
the material and mortal; disintegrating in this trance

inflated ego; breaking down and degenerating
conquering mind; bubbling and bursting
FireStarter within; getting conceived and has born
Driving new world; between mortal & divine, it is torn

option to choose is between Life and Eternity
Has a passion to create; got to choose mortality
where better souls have lost, the best ones shall emerge
Life will make me Eternal; says the passionate urge

all myths & legends; its upbringing transcends
its Value is immeasurable; the Oracle portends
FireStarter is born, growth shall be rekindled
and world shall resurrect; The Being is rechristened

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Turbulence to Passion

Sailing through turbulence
riding crests and troughs
circumspect and joyous thoughts

reckless emotions; transcending reality
restless and living; its sardonic charm
slicing the sloth witin; obliterating inertia

Incisive thoughts; cutting through the pain
Rebellious gait; striding with confidence
stolid mind; dynamic & resistant thoughts

astral life form; sharing same body & soul
adulerated thoughts; diluted and acidic
charring its dark form; evolving

mutating genes; decomposing soul
the nascent life; bubbling & expanding
the end has come near and begin again

the blatant body has risen
overcoming impediments & ignorance
steering celestial spirit; regaining nobility

the angel has invaded; the dying spirit re-lives
arcane & unjust thoughts; all wiped out
new soul, new mind, new thoughts; renewed passion

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Disconnected Soul

Distant voice trailing off
Soul breaking the mortal cage
in Chautauqua, where sanity gathers
The disconnected soul, observes

As blissful as it might be perceived
Disconnected discourse, barely audible
Unattentive thoughts, radically misbehaving
unprecedented urge for the wisdom drive

Receptive reality, pouncing ahead
Growing discontent over worldly pretence
Sundry souls fathoming the divine, dissatisfied
the susceptible soul, prone to reality

Scorching mind, gobbling ignorance
the Chautauqua, where the great sages learn
the burning desire, unintelligible perception
the simmering soul, mind facing the heat

primordial rhyme in strings
cordial thoughts, beyond rationale
the drunken wanderer rhyming with reality
insightful strings, consistently changing, teaching

the silver bullet is ineffective
Mind unleashing the Wise Beast within
ruthless energy, passionately divine
Crystalline images, morphing reality

the natural self, self-contained emotions
aboriginal mind, preserving change
synergy evolving despite chaotic flow
Undercurrent of emotions, self-driven causality

Sunday, December 10, 2006

2+2 = 7596238

How is 2+2 = 7596238?Actually, this is one of the masterpieces of Glasbergen and one of my favorities too. The caption in this particular toon reads: "In an increasingly complex world, sometimes old questions require new answers".

Most of the times, we assume standard answers to questions. In reality, there are always multiple solutions to a problem. Its all about your perception; how you look at a problem. Every perception / paradigm gives you a different and unique answer. Rock on.

Our mind - the perpetual thinking machine - helps us collate, integrate, fuse, differentiate, slice, multiply the ideas. It is our greatest resource that helps to realise the sublime knowledge within.

Ideas, notions, concepts, creative intellect, memories share one very interesting thing - they can be unified to create something even more stimulating. Juxtaposition leading to evolution. Just place them together and see things in a different light. A new paradigm. A new perspective.

Woaw! what was that all about?

Well, nothing specific as such. Hadn't written much about anything in the past few days. Thought of scribbling down something I believe in. Nothing else.

Life's hectic as always.

Still manage to surf to pump up my creative hormones (Rock on Hugh!); a dash of wiki and help me understand things better.,, etc daily update me about the latest trends in Brand, ad and media world. Peps me up.

Other than that, its my rare but fruitful visit to that helps me write about stuff I like. (Yeah!)

Life's resonating with positive vibes. And I am here to experience it, real-time. Ciao.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wake up

Thoughts. Plans. Actions. More thoughts. More plans. More Actions.

Power Surge. Great Learning. Growth. Evolution.

Infusion of zillions of thoughts. Thoughts of new order. New paradigm. Designer patterns. Random thoughts. Actions. New wave.

It's time to shake you, wake you off your slumber. Wake up goddamit. Wake up.
Get up. Get ready for action. Be prepared.

Bubble. Burst. Vacuum. More surge. Information Overflow. Information Implosion. Information Explosion. Zombie.

Wake up goddamit. Wake up.

Business. Work. Paradigm. String. Birth. Re-birth. Cycle. New Order. New breed. Selfish. Growth. Dynamism.

Informative songs. Information. Processing. Data. Analysis. Deductions.

Relentless actions. Like automatons. Machines. Intelligence. Natural. Artificial. Strategies. Leader.

Power surge. Wake up goddamit.

Break off. New branches. New twigs. Creative intellect. The twig has grown. Stuckness. Usual candor.

Bright ideas. Ideas. Break-even. Profit. Bottom-line. Novel ideas. Shit work. Fertile results.

Brand. Seed. Supercede. Precede. Visibility. Certainty. Precedent. Ground-breaking.

Wake up goddamit. Wake up. Learn. Grow. Urge. Evolve. Avoid Ignorance.

Life's good with information. Wake up.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Major Mental Mess (MMM)

The title wasn't intended to be an alliteration; that's my mental state these days. It's in a form that the universe immediately after Big Bang was: Chaotic and in complete soup.

While working on a big project currently, I contantly think about the importance of systems in a set-up? What drives what? Does a large project build up the essential system? Or neat systems help you bag more projects? It just gets cyclical. Yes, that means I dont get any answer and my mind wanders off quickly.

Why can't both be the answers? Both are essential, right? They are. But, the interesting thing is, in a start-up when the systems are not in place, big projects themselves act as Evolutionary Mechanisms, which helps evolves an enterprise. Translated which means: Necessity is the mother of invention. When there is need, things are invented. Then, what is proactiveness? Identifying that need in advance and acting on it. That is necessary in a business set-up. Predicting and acting. PDCA cycle. (Plan Do Check Act)

Later when the start-up grows, projects come to them. Just like that. Cuz, they have strong systems and brand in place. I know a lot of brand visibility and positioning perspective will crop up, but should be discussed later; thus we shall skip it for the time being.

Your liberated minds might think: What be wrong with this homo sapien? Something well-known, so effective. Why ask?

In today's market-driven brouhaha, when competition is already sharpening their tools to cut your throats, what happens to companies trying to thrive? Trying to survive? What if they just have plain technical aptitude, enthusiasm etc? Yet, a strong system is required. May be at a smaller level proportionate to company size and its requirement. More than that, I think, gumption is required. Fierce Energy is required. Rest can be taken care of.

There are plenty of thoughts currently, but am unable to articulate them. Hmm, it's not rare though. There is something else beyond comprehension. My Gawd, MMM!!

These days I largely rely on SMS. For me, it's Save My Soul. Just a selfish avatar of SOS. Every now and then, I send SMS signals to my colleages, so that they can come to my rescue. Being in Intellectual Battlefield currently, time-n-again, such Mental Rescue Missions do liberate (or delay the project) a lot.

Thoughts are totally undisciplined. Just writing for the heck of it. It generally energises me, rejuvenates me etc. Whatever.

But seriously, despite umpteen brainstorming sessions I am still clueless about the question. We're all trying to bring order to the chaos. Its not that we dont have system. But we need a Perfect System. Absolutely foolproof. Divine. We are working very hard towards it. The Perfect System has not showed itself yet. PS: Where are you?

Too many parameters to monitor in the current project. Trying to figure out the right ones. The Neos. Which would outshine others. Which would be foolproof. Which would be Almighty Incarnated. The Chosen One. Whatever.

Its a very consuming process, I tell you. But, a lot of soul searching is required. Which makes it very interesting. Hehe. Very rewarding later. Patience is also running out of stock now. A lot more inventory is required. Heavens! What the heck is happening?

Folks, more MMS (My Mental Story) later. Meanwhile, do me a favour - Think over and reply to my SMS. Good night. Sleep well.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

tranquillity re-born

Peace is back,
the emptiness is gone,
harmony resurrected
tranquillity re-born

Long waiting hours
distant her and time
all standing still
her looks sublime

The inseparable soul
her beauty mesmerizes
innocent eyes and looks
Subtly, she entices

> to be continued >>

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In me...Become me

Its been many days that it has not come to me. It needs to be rediscovered. It reigned supreme in my mind till few days back. Its absence haunts me. It acts as a fuel to my mind. Hmm, it seems to be hiding somewhere.

Are you playing with me? You know, you wont succeed; I am good at discovering you. You may hide, but can't vanish. Not from me.

You have helped me before, you will help me now. I am just searching for the clue that will help me re-discover you. I am unable to find it yet, but I know I am on the right path. Previously, various elements have blessed me with your presence. Love primarily discovered you. Nature was a close second. Where have you gone now? Dont play anymore. I need your power, your presence. I need you. In you, lies my essence. Limitless vitality. Immense Creativity. Come to me.

I am driven by you. Your presence makes me feel stronger about myself. Why have you left? Yes, somehow I didnt nurture you enough to stay back...with me. I was confused and lost. I still am. Therefore I need you. Your mere presence makes me pulsate with energy. Let me discover you. Your power...once again.

I know you want me to discover you. What clues have you left behind? Help me find them. What are you waiting for? I wont let you go this time. I will fuel you to sustain and grow. In me.

Come soon.. Oh! Inspiration! Come over. Free me. Overpower me. Excite me. Charge me. Change me. Be within me. Be my soul. Become me.

Eagerly waiting for your arrival,

Friday, August 11, 2006

a little wee river

a little wee river flowed
with all its subtlety and mildness
in the path it had carved

the puny little drive
the weak force in its flow
as gentle as its nature was

the stream kept on adding
vital drops of water
and grew into a mighty force

with such stimulus, gathered a brutal force
a momentum, never seen never heard
an aggression, never imagined to exist

thrashed all that withstood
broke the barriers that resisted
carved a new path and flowed

with all the mightiness
that flowed and contained
despite its humble origin, grew.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The search for a Perfect Career

Ok.. what is common between a Perfect Career and the Holy Grail? Both are hard to find.

Well, I've been thinking about this for a while. Millions of thoughts have combined and are giving a major thrust to my mind.

An Ideal State: Think. Plan. Execute.
Current State: Think. Think. Get confused.

I dunno why. Till few days back, I thought a Perfect Career was quite achievable. Not anymore. I guess we call it Evolution. Nature has ingrained it in us. Everyone and everything tries to go to a stable higher state. Electrons do it. Apes did it. Humans, well, need I say something?

Why have I reached to such a state of mind? Any guesses? Lets not address it right now. May be at a later stage of mental elucidation. Anyways, where were we? Yeah, Apes and Electrons.

I feel, the very concept of a Perfect Career and our journey towards it is wierd. Why? Because, we would never know if we have reached that stage. Even if we have a Perfect Career, we would still want a Perfect Career. Also, since it's all relative.

Consider Solution Architects in IT Companies. Their prime job is to understand customer requirement and translate them into a neat plan so that it can be executed. They are the highest earners in the field. I have personally interacted with a guy earning 45 L p.a. That's a hell lot of money. Their profile is also astounding. They are the brains of an organisation. You know, lot of social respect and stuff follows next. So, what is more amazing than a 45 L p.a job? A 60 L p.a job. And does it ever end? The answer is obviously: NO. Some call it Elemental drive. I call it Greed. And there's nothing wrong in it.

Perfect Career, although as elusive as it might sound, quite radically provides us the drive, the push, the boost, the urge, the greed, to work towards it. Without it, we would not grow. I guess, a Perfect Plan is equally dominant to take us to the Perfect Career. Plans are many, Perfect Plans are fewer. Following it is another ball game. Any T, D and H has a career. But it takes guts to reach to the Perfect Career.

Your idea of a PC, might not gel with your OWN parents. So, either you revolt and succeed or revolt and give up. It depends on how gutty your guts are, how well your clarity of thought is and how good your communication is with your Pa and Ma. Some lines flow now...

Plan the first step and plan the last,
Be firm on it; execute it fast

Every step is a risk; but with it you'll soar
Work at it and reach new heights; like never before

Perfect Career is all yours to capture
Think it right and execute, for a great future

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Final Word

The day ended as it had begun. Some thoughts spontaneously present themselves now as I write...

Some thoughts of new style, manifest
of an unknown origin; about a new quest

Broken beliefs and distorted vision; broken chimes
about bohemian melodies and unchanted rhymes

Bitter relations, scarred memories; tarnished relations
Lost love, unsettled minds; all different equations

The final word, has been said and become
"Change!"- thy time has come

A maddening rush of thoughts and actions,
Surging across all religions and sections

Reviving the dormant patterns; in its stride
Purpose shall be the lighthouse; all set to guide

Even the untouched shall blossom; Life cherishes
as Will conquers Mind; Lives it, overcoming blemishes

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Ambiguities or not, I decided to venture in,
the master waited, with his cause so benign

People just gossiped and broke; degenerated
As lost as they seem; their self degraded

Ideas that thrived on thoughts; vanished
Those degenerated personalities; famished

Inspiration drove; churned ideas of new kind
That energy; was loose and conquered my mind

The master blessed, the mind that was alive
Dead minds, gossiping minds; all so naive

A new path, a new guide he presented
A spirit, all restless to grow; ventured

the master preached; not religion but volition
the free soul, set to conquer; possessed with gumption

Uninspired souls; waiting a renaissance
Were thirsty for knowledge; obliterated ignorance

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flashes of Creativity

It's been many days that I've written thoughts here. Although, I am busy like hell these days.. its no excuse not to write... but frankly, my mind is constantly occupied with work related thoughts. There are certain momentary flashes when some interesting ideas pop up. So, I think about them for a while, and then like a flash, they disappear! :)

Somehow I should start tapping such brilliant flashes. Ideas, radical concepts, innovations, nostalgic glimpses, visions, feats, achievements etc.. all seem to just mix-up momentarily and create a new line of thought which stimulates and then elates your mind. This novel thought mesmerises you due to its very nature. You wish that time would stand still, and you would admire the beauty in the moment. It is such 'flash' that your mind should store and process. Store first, process later.

It may all seem confusing. Actually, it is. But, that is the beauty of it. It's an apparent chaos. Chaos and Order seem to be different sides of the same coin. Chaos for one, Order for another. Idea for one, Crap for another. Shit for one, Manure for another.

Getting confusing? Well, I too am trying to analyse the confusion. I know I am not getting anywhere, am I? But, that's not the intention also. Sometimes, it is more important to travel than to arrive.

My point is, such flashes can be tapped into and can act as an enormous source of creativity. I believe that everyone is creative, only some realise it and some don't. Deep within, your mind is constantly thinking, ideating, brainstorming, churning. Ok, I am begining to make sense now. I am loving it! A poem also flows, as if its time has come...

Such brilliant flashes, just come and go
Teaching me a few things I should know

Tap'em and store'em
in a flash, just analyse'em

Profound, it seems; when they occur
Mind exults, when creative glimpses they offer

Thoughts collide and fuse together; unleashes
the force within and creativity flashes

Suddenly, I am experiencing more brilliant flashes. Now thats what I'm talking about! As I ponder on the current thought patterns, oh.. another flash! Hey.. wait up..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Soul.. revisited

Undiluted thoughts
Consolidating their existence
invading vehemently

The very thought
that had manifested
and vanished into oblivion
Triggered the being within

Blissful, as I feel
Thoughts showering beatitude
Their magnitude, capable
of evolving the nascent soul

The wicked soul withstood
and resisted; the blatant time
finally it broke and emerged
the noble soul had conquered

Thursday, June 01, 2006


What has happened?
No thoughts, no recollections
No memories, no predilections
I am clueless

Penchant for writing
All forgotten?
Or mind just pretending?
Blank paper, just staring
I am clueless

Thoughts waiting
Hands, wondering
My writer's mind, got blocked
I stare in utter oblivion
I am clueless

Life, galloping ahead
Me, cheering it
Sitting tightly to control
otherwise, would lose track
But, am I on the right track?
I am clueless

Poems, they still inspire
People, even more
But, where has everyone gone?
Poems, any theme I'm writing on?
Hell, I am clueless

Am waiting to write something
Something, that would make sense
something inspiring
But, heck its 2 AM?
What am I waiting for?
I am utterly clueless

Something's finally taking shape
Some words, some thoughts
recollections and inspiration
patterns emerging; clarity manifesting
words, jumbled and arranged
But, coming from where?
I am clueless

My birth is in process
Awaiting its revival
New life to begin
newer clues, for newer paths
new thoughts taking shapes
Heck, what do I write next?
I am clueless

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Unspoken words...

Silence has spoken
Wisely, as I stood
Heard words, that emptiness contained
Profound feelings it conveyed

In silence, it grew
Became thoughts; regained ideas
Revived emotions
of her beauty within

Beauty it contained
Overcoming vices
Erstwhile divine
Now was human

Expressions, impressions
created and captured
image, not required
Her presence, invaded mind

Conserving identity
of her once-my heart
in my deepest corridors
She'll last forever; in my heart

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Cocoon

It created a shell around
Its body, its soul
Laying inside; its hibernating
Its nature changing; transforming

Hardwork; finally paying off
The cocoon it rests in; empowering
New avenues to fly around; are waiting
Worm has risen; shall soar to newer heights

To realise dreams; of varied nature,
small ones but of rebellious nature
Break the cocoon; and shall free itself
power within, it realises; emerges the true nature

Patience pays; it proclaims
Cocoon was dormant; apparently unmoving
The true power within, shall break the cocoon
Then, wings shall take it to uncharted lands

>> to be continued...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm a Rebel

With a surprising stealth, the thoughts crept in
A strong rebellion I felt; wait - there's more within
Rebel's waiting to erupt; simmering with a gentle grace
Shattering old paradigms; new ideas are popping in

Behold! A new sun has seen the dawn
New hope has risen; old pains have gone
Worries no longer, the agony shan't last
The Rebel awaits its birth; the seeds are sown

The thoughts I harness; the mind in which they lay
Mind mill churning; old patterns be swept away
Its time to re-create History and revive it with future,
Breaking myths, creating legends; Rebel is here to stay

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

yes! its happening...

there's more to day; there's more to achieve,
mind sifting through concepts; trying to perceive

the night is young; the day getting conceived,
exploring miracles; with Life, where have you lived?

my journey has begun; restless and staggering
but people I've met; are really caring and loving

the fun side of Life or the dark side that stays
choice decides the future; why such tricks Life plays

To err is natural but choices are humane
being restless is ok; its a part of the game

My eyes drifting; between changing reality and sleep
trying to hold the reality; trying to have a vice like grip

With lesser vices, the new dawn shall surge
brining new Hope; this is how Life shall emerge

this is how it began...

trying to speak volumes about what was happening
this was how it began; nebulae, void and stars glittering

void would ask worriedly, where will the Big Bang happen
Stretch yourself and grow; singularity would answer often

universe oozing through the bubbling bang
glowing and growing; celestial songs they all sang

with all its might force, the univese grew and reached
interfered with multiverses; space-time was breached

Deduced Hubble, void was gaping, galaxies separating
a mile would be a light-year long; everything parting

It's Crichton, I read; and saw it gaping
but void, it remained; saw Dark matter escaping

Its time to sleep; novel concepts I shall dream,
will have quantum foam all over, this celestial icecream

Friday, April 07, 2006

the twig and the leaf

Feelings so strong; I had hardly noticed,
the driven spirit; filled with Life,
riding the crests of hope;
all set to conquer the troughs

seasoned leaves; leaving the Holy branch
Leaving to seek the truth out there
the other truth; which the twig discovers
lies in living with the tree; experiencing growth

very charged my spirit has become
restless to surge out,
breaking the hopeless body;
want to empower the soul; the resource within

thoughts have filled the timeless soul,
every barrier to be broken
every mind-less soul to be shaken
Holy branch is poised; twig waiting to become seasoned

intensity of reality was greatly admired,
roots were shaken; spirit and soul were charged
a new dawn awaits; a generation awakens,
Twig waits its turn while the leaf boldens

season has come; every leaf is breaking off
wind helping it break; saying get off
old systems and old culture; shedding off
Soul migrates to a new leaf; again - lets start off

A new twig is born; a new leaf changed
exuding Life; oozing freshness from within
the subtle aroma brought by distant land
where it rains; bringing Life to another seed

Friday, March 31, 2006

Untitled >>

Untitled thoughts coalescing
They begin and end with Love
End, to Love?
Love is eternal; unending

Exploring Love
Lone side of Love
Bright side of Love
My side of Love
The Love side

Thoughts still remain untitled
Why to title it?
Exploring is important; Experiencing is

Thoughts piling up
Need to file'em up
Gotta flag'em up
Love, keeps popping up

Loved and near ones
Far away but real ones
Lot of crushes; was Loved once
Love, yes, it happened once

Untitled, they still remain
Love, they still contain,
Thoughts, I proudly proclaim
Contain Love, I still maintain

Love, show yourself
An iota, where you reside
Non-Love thoughts; subside
Only Love, in every stride

>> to be continued >>

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cerebral Brouhaha

Yes, as weird as it gets..

You are strange in your form; Mind chats with Life,
What’s apparent isn’t; what to expect from this strife?

As weird as it gets, son of Adam; Life talks,
But take it in your stride, get over such thoughts

Is there anything outside this divine chaos?
Why serendipity is absent in complex tasks?

The strange is yet to come, the Mind reassures,
What’s Life got to do with it; the Big M ponders

Conclusion is where you get tired of thinking; I read,
Tired of thinking, eh? Inspires such fear, such dread

The unexpected becomes real; Mind is boggled,
Life, where art thou? The way? Mind crumbled.

As weird as it gets, truly...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Life, or something like it..

Wierd title, right? Yeah, well, I was wondering about it too... After deep pretence and absolutely no forethought, I decided to go ahead with this title...

Life's been, as usual, very hectic!! A Big event is reaching its completion; called NIMA Index 2006. We have presented our company at this exhibition.. Encountering maddening crowd.. Actually, clients are hidden in this crowd.. Locating and approaching the right person is a skillful art, which I am gradually learning.. :)

A crowd of around 1.5 Lacs (thas rite!) is expected. Our target is 10,000 ppl (only). Having one of the first stalls in Nima Index has its distinct advantages. We can target ppl when they are fresh and can bombard them with our 'spiel'. They have greater attention span. Ok, more of my blah later..

Anyways, I will fill in the details later once the exhibition is over and the real stuff of contacting these clients shall begin...

Lotsa things to do; lotsa things to plan,
Gotta do it with passion; gotta do it with elan

Strictly a human game - our concept,
There's lot more to do; one would expect

Experiences, both new and old; understanding them bit by bit,
Cherishing Growth in the process; Life, or something like it

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Changing perceptions

My perceptions about the world are changing,
The reality is subtle and engaging,
The time is rolling ahead and churning,
Deep within, a new soul is emerging

As the new life emerges and blossoms,
Cherishes as it grows and fathoms,
unattempted efforts; as our 'self' sharpens
Opportunities grow and life brightens