Sunday, May 28, 2006

Unspoken words...

Silence has spoken
Wisely, as I stood
Heard words, that emptiness contained
Profound feelings it conveyed

In silence, it grew
Became thoughts; regained ideas
Revived emotions
of her beauty within

Beauty it contained
Overcoming vices
Erstwhile divine
Now was human

Expressions, impressions
created and captured
image, not required
Her presence, invaded mind

Conserving identity
of her once-my heart
in my deepest corridors
She'll last forever; in my heart

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Cocoon

It created a shell around
Its body, its soul
Laying inside; its hibernating
Its nature changing; transforming

Hardwork; finally paying off
The cocoon it rests in; empowering
New avenues to fly around; are waiting
Worm has risen; shall soar to newer heights

To realise dreams; of varied nature,
small ones but of rebellious nature
Break the cocoon; and shall free itself
power within, it realises; emerges the true nature

Patience pays; it proclaims
Cocoon was dormant; apparently unmoving
The true power within, shall break the cocoon
Then, wings shall take it to uncharted lands

>> to be continued...