Thursday, December 01, 2005

No November

"Ok. It went fast!" I am talking about the pace with which Nov05 appeared and passed by.. I was just a mute spectator. Passively oberving days that were rushing by..

The routine couldnt be more hectic. Arre yaar... not a single blog in N05? Whats up, Saurabh? Couldnt spare even 10 mins for your mind?

As days went by; months became days,
Yesterday; is a month old - Oh! what a pace

The month that shriveled in a day; then into past,
Dearth of time - I felt; "Work dude, work really fast"

A sudden flux of thoughts / ideas / concepts, as I am thinking make me feel normal - again. The Dec05 that has come with a thundering pace should halt for some time, while I feel its presence.

Yes, Rodin's Thinker has all the time to think. Cuz that's what he is, 'The Thinker'. But, for me Dec05 would be all about pace, work, effectiveness - Acting rather than mere thinking. Good.

Welcome Dec05, you are here to stay for some time.. Maybe forever - in my mind atleast.. :)

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