Saturday, August 20, 2005

Cosmic Uthal-Puthal

I am Antariksha. I have neither an origin nor an end. I am everywhere. The entire pedigree of stars comes from me. I am the absolute power. Power lies in the profound silence that I exhibit. I am sole reason everything exists.

Energy lies in every segment of mine. The genesis of manifested and unmanifested energy is I. I am the creator of time and space. They are my subordinates. The geneology of knowledge has originated from me. I am the knowledge.

Generations have passed when the 'human' has tried to explore my roots. But whenever he discovers something primordial, his origin and his idea of existence is pushed back to an indefinite past. I create the sense of primordialness.

I help metaphysics to initiate. The immense intricate supremacy enhances my intelluctual mind to spin its symmetrical web around everything.

No one can foretell my mind and its intricacies. I develop the laws. I clarify the utter sense of existence of a law. Anthropology, ethology and every branch of science are few sub-branches of 'existence'. Existence is also a small branch of the enormous tree of Antariksha that has its roots reaching to God.

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