Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Your Shoes

There are moments of pain, and moments of glory
Creating and carving, and conceiving your own story
Vision you found - laden with clues
Inching every step to be in your shoes

The history was replete with the pains you faced
While others wondered, in awe they gazed
There were souls - in the pink yet in the blues
I implore ye Lord, tell - what it meant to be in your shoes

The shoes were dusty and at times they shone
In times of hardship, when others were stolid and drone
When yours shoes weathered, they made news
Others gasped, how you stayed in your shoes

Unruffled you were, when others argued and cursed
In your self you believed, never in your might you blushed
While others lost faith in their shoes,
How you transformed lives and led - in your shoes

Beneath your shoes, there lay a soul,
Like none other, you were certain with a role,
To reinstate faith and to let loose,
To create your destiny and to be in your own shoes