Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Gift

I value the gift you give me,
Intangible it may be in its form

The lasting Values that you have bestowed,
Driving generations ahead; character gets restored

This Love that my love shares,
A feeling of beatitude; the way she cares

The Life which itself is a gift,
Understand this; feel a paradigm shift

Your Blessings; which helps me thrive,
In this tough world; they help me survive

This very Breath that helps me live,
Could be the best of all; that you could give

Its valuable coz it makes me special,
And helps me grow within; grow beyond

Monday, October 10, 2005

Where you lead me... I follow...

Oh Path! Where do you wait?
Restless I become in your search,
Fathoming your existence; your nature,
Tracing your identity in this confused mess

One who finds you has arrived,
One who has lost you; is striving,
You sit poised and observe; us humans;
In our attempt to bring order to this chaos

Those who reach you are still restless,
Those unable to; are still in distress,
How shall I find you in your latent form,
In purity you exist; manifest to tangible

You manifest to those with purpose,
And drive them to their goal; their cause,
Happy they are to find you in nascent form,
They take journey with you; to your completion