Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random thoughts - Ego, Life, Love and Values

Nebulous clouds and the dark matter,
dying stars and the unwanted clutter,
aspiring stars, in this relentless churn,
radiating Life, on this lasting sojourn

dwindling egos and the inflated minds,
ignoring Life that binds,
startled emotions and disrupted Life,
better notions manifest; ending strife

Understanding emotions in this deep-rooted drive
Subtle concepts; strengthening to thrive
primordial drive- called Love; beginning to manifest
enriching Life for a fruitful cause; in this new quest

Circumspect notions; expressing uncertainty
observing the drive; resorting to absurdity
seeking a solution; through solitary refinement
enquiring into values; to achieve enlightenment

Seeking inspiration from dimensions unknown
reliving nobility; newer seeds are sown
Humanizing values for what is to become
Newer - Love, Life and Values; the best is yet to come

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mindis-Complexis Disorder

Since my last article, I'm in a state of expressing everything in a complicated manner and then analyzing how many words I've sinfully wasted had I expressed it in a simpler manner. Getting it?

I am currently reading Ray Romano's 'Everything and a Kite' and I am really amazed at the simplicity of expression. Yes, he is the same guy who plays Raymond in the hit series 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. What I marvel is the way he has expressed humor (or, for our British friends - humour). To-the-point. Not even an additional iota of confusion for understanding the profundity of the literature! (I know, the Mindis-Complexis Disorder (MCD) is acting again)

Humor has to be simple and to-the-point. If somebody has to be break his head in understanding humor, then its no humor. Ditto with any communication / expression for that matter. Excluding the Economic deductions to understand the Domino-effect of price volatility in Zambia on the market upsurge in developed countries. (Hey buddy, just come out of this MCD, will ya?)

World would be a different place if everything was expressed in a complicated manner. I think this would pose the biggest problem to Communication agencies world-wide. All the advertisers would spray complicated jargon over everyone's mind - reducing sales and hampering the brand equity of that product. This is just a thin slice in the incontrovertibly growing spiral of complex expression whose effect would aggravate mental trauma and trigger mass hysteria; ultimately , after realization, would obliterate the existence of complexity altogether. (Okay, enough said)

As a writer, I have always tried to express my thoughts in the simplest possible manner. Recently, I have been inspired by the depth and clarity of expression of Hugh MacLeod (of I am trying to improve my skills of written expression through constant thinking and re-visiting such sites, which not only tell you how best things are written to-the-point; but, also, explain how effective blogging can radically ignite sales in a small South African winery to help it grow multifold.

So, IMHO, be Simple. To-the-point. Effective. Clear.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bureaucratic Lullaby - its political and socio-economic repercussions

My mind was in a dissociated state of disharmony when I gleaned through some paper-work involving bureaucratic incomprehensibles. To be more precise, this paperwork was a resume of a bureaucrat. Mind-blowing, err, mind-boggling.

As I read the introduction of the profile of this candidate, I began to re-assure myself that this agony would get over very soon and hey, its only a 23-page resume! Couldn't have asked for more.

I am a resume writer and I have seen both - bad resumes and worse resumes. But, nothing could beat this one. Flowered with apathetic and banal statements which we hear during election campaigns. I felt real pity on the potential employer, who would HAVE to be very strong and courageous, to face this heroic-narcissist stuff. I would personally congratulate that gentleman who would have the divine patience to read this 23-page resumé without dozing off. Kudos.

By the time I had begun the 12th page, unsettling thoughts settled in. But, I motivated myself as I went through the pain. Another 11 to go now. Way to go man! I thought it was an achievement in itself. I would write it in my resume for sure.

What was even more unnerving, was to realise that such people are running our country. If all they want is to praise themselves and get-praised in return, then how would they selflessly run or advise politicians on running a country.

I am still not entirely certain about how bureaucracy works etc, but I just got a sneak-peak into their mind-set. If I had to break my head in understanding a simple communication like resume, how would they draft critical documents that would be driving a nation tomorrow? I do feel that their words neither have an honest drive nor are articulated well. It looks like they write for someone who has the entire day in deciphering the complexity of demographic-repercussions of a 20-line paragraph.

Okay, even I can write something which nobody would understand. But, what's the use. We are talking about running the country here!

I just want to make an
effective one-page resume for this gentleman. If he is a top-order bureaucrat and heads one of the most important committees, would he need a 23-page resume? Why, for that matter, would he need a resume at all? He would just tell the employer that he would close the company if he doesn't get that job. Simple and effective. ;)

I am a great fan of short and crisp resumes. That is what they should be. To-the-point. It should be an exciting document and not a boring, banal, run-of-the-mill stuff which would rather land in a dustbin than on an employer's desk.

This resume would actually act like a lullaby. I would recite it to kids, so that they get some nice and quick sleep.

Anyways, time to work on this resume. Need to understand the effect of political sentimentality of this resume that would accelerate the artificial decomposition of my mind and then it will be symmetrically truncated into millions of quasi-static states.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Unfound Path

In an unknown path I wait,
with surreal thoughts, in a restless gait
cyclical paths, realistic places
Mystical journey, meeting stolid faces

charming people on an alarming path,
disarming beauty with weapons that scathe
concerted efforts; losing steam
Plastic smiles, meeting people with low esteem

intensely cared about the dignified presence
sustaining and enriching essence
for the life that is mine and yours
nostalgic sojourn and a reckless recourse

sparkling lights on the abandoned street
wandering minds with their souls discreet
Exploring new beliefs; enticing ignorance
igniting minds for the newer paths; taking cognizance

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lone Runner

Periodic cleansing of soul,
achieving divine harmony,
Taking baton of life and sprinting

Ever-growing horizons and ingrained ignorance
years of wisdom and displaced intelligence
over-growing reality; still discovering future

Tribal soul with surreal values
Body, bereft of all material possessions
Bare, to exist and evolve

Clairvoyant glimpses of the future unknown
Beckoning the soulful mind
present is known, future is sown

Divine intelligence, self-grown chaos
Blithe and hesitant, noble and reluctant
echoing ignorance, carefree existence

integrating awareness with bliss
unperturbed stimulation; growing within
wooing courage; sprouting beliefs

stigmata on innocence; breaking silence
aching pain; shouldered wisdom
complying with reality; Awaiting...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Respulsive and reclusive

Treating Life with a noble cause
Governing events; correcting flaws
un-attended breakthroughs, overcoming thought barriers
Repulsive and reclusive

Unambiguous thoughts; despodent wanderer
careless existence; bohemian conquerer
cognizance of values; defaulting carriers
Repulsive and reclusive

Suble directions that guide
Overwhelming pain that subside
circumspect rhyme; resonant vibes
Repulsive and reclusive

relentless sojourn; inertial mind
breathlessly striding; universal bind
filling time and killing ignorance
Repulsive and reclusive

Hapless manoeuvre; buoyant belief
pulsating pain, momentary relief
Everything from stardust to soul,
Repulsive and reclusive

Inflating ego, dwindling tranquillity,
Garnering emotions; conquering nobility
Ideating Life; submissive mind
Repulsive and reclusive

Friday, June 15, 2007


In elementary physics, Strings define the basic fabric of matter. Their behavior governs the way matter behaves. Despite being the smallest element of matter, they are most vital. Similarly, I feel, following 4 'strings' are central in any business.

Volition ~ Information ~ Perspective ~ Idea

'Strings' is an attempt to discuss the finer aspects that matter a lot in business world. The aspects which govern the basic functioning of business.

Small ideas trigger a revolution. Inspired souls storm the world. A paradigm shift work wonders. Stagnant minds, evolve.Businesses setting new trends. Trends setting new businesses. Its cyclical.

Future shall be analysed. Present shall be enjoyed. Past will be revered. Change is.

New ideas shall blossom. The mind shall once again conquer.Strings is about whats happening and whats not.

'Why not' and 'How' are questions addressed here. It is about hope. It is about action. New businesses and emerging trends. Its time to evolve. Its time to set a new trend.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Fountainhead continued...

I feel like I was sleeping the last time I read The Fountainhead. Really. I feel that I had missed the most of it. Now, it feels as if the book is slowly and patiently unfolding its mysterious power to me. I have got a feeling that I was not ready for the book earlier; but now I am.

Some of the junctions which I really like, are, when...

* Howard Roark meets Gail Wynand
* Howard Roark meets Dominique Wynand and Gail Wynand
* Howard Roark meets Ellsworth Toohey
* Kent Lansing meets Howard Roark
* Dominique meets Wynand
* Steve Mallory again meets Mike
* Ellsworth Toohey meets Gail Wynand at his office

I am nearing the end of the book. It actually feels that the conversations above should last forever and I would be a part of it.

(Yes, I am even more anxious to reach the point when Howard Roark addresses the jury!)

I feel that I should revisit all books I read and liked: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance (Pirsig), Lila (Pirsig), The End of Eternity (Asimov), Zen: The quantum leap from mind to no-mind (Osho), The Bridge across forever (Bach). I think I will understand them in greater depth now. Lets see. Incidentally, some of these books are instrumental in evolving me and honing me into whatever I am today.

I think, my growth, further, would be governed by autobiographies like Only the Paranoid survive (Andy Grove), Pour your heart into it (Howard Schultz), Wings of Fire (Kalam) and others. Governed by these, my ability to challenge my limits and how I take life as I meet it head-on. These books would give me an insight in running the business I am in right now.

Till then, happy reading folks!!

Sauce in a Bottle

What is pushing the sauce outside the bottle?

The space where it can freely flow? or

The pressure it's facing from within, from its own self? or

The quaint tilt of the hand that gives it a direction, a purpose to flow? or

The divine desire of sauce that it should flow, that gives the hand its quaint tilt? or

The attraction of open space, or freedom, that makes the hand give its quaint tilt to the bottle that the sauce resides? or

What drives the sauce?

The body it resides in?
The gentle hand that holds the body?
The presence of freedom that sauce is aware of, outside the body?
The gradual urge towards freedom that builds the momentum within the body?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

some random thoughts

...continued from 26 Jan

Just some thoughts arbitratory in nature; disconnected, yet connected somehow to my soul.

"Today, consumer courts are more easily accessible than the provision stores!"

"I am a product of my perceptions and your opinions. The latter does not really matter."

"Managing pain - the happy way!"

"Talent increases to meet the criticality of work available"

"I may have lost my broom, but I know the art of flight!"
- An Enlightened Witch

"Change is inevitable; Resistance is futile!"

"Innovating reality...step by step!"

"I shuffle in Life!"

"In Change we believe,
in Ideas we believe,
in Us we believe!"

"There is nothing right or wrong - only opinions!"

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Ayn Rand Effect

I am re-reading The Fountainhead after 6 years, and must admit that it is making much more sense to me now. Somehow I am able to relate to it better and also able to properly gather Ayn Rand's thoughts about Howard Roark, Peter Keating, Ellsworth Toohey, Dominique Francon, Henry Cameron and Gail Wynand.

I feel that these characters in some form or another live in us. They manifest during certain situations and we behave like them. Ayn Rand has beautifully presented such characters. No, its not a critique on Ayn Rand's work. I am merely writing my impressions about The Fountainhead that I am beginning to discover. Its amazing.

Their thought processes, their rationalizations, reasonings, etc also form a part of our logical and lateral thought processes. As I continue reading the book, I am sure there will be even more revelations, which I will share with you all. Till then, hang on and keep reading.

Some statements present themselves in my mind as I read The Fountainhead:

"He had not shown any signs of immortality. Somehow, he grew on to become one."

"He watched with stark innocence at his team's dismal display of immaturity."

"It seemed that thoughts had not inhabited his mind from a long time. His mind had become infertile. New ideas had be sown. New thought patterns had to be cultivated to make it fertile."

"He had become desperate. Desperate enough to run around and snatch the next bright idea from someone else's mind and implement it."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

all in a day's work

Concerned emotions. Changing notions. Brutal reality. Evolving reality. Rough day. Tough day. Changing paradigms. Concepts. Shocking performance. Conjured reasons. Plebeian people. Notional differences. Plummeting.

Transforming reality. Better people. Better performances. Evidence. Confidence. Juggernaut. Sharpening Saws. Competition. Late nights. Working capital. Improved performance. Sustained performance. Skyrocketing. Catapulting. Sundry. Collectivism. Individualism. Attitudes. Howard Roark.

Asterix. Obelix. Cacaphonix. Matrix. Vanishing reality. Blinding. Blink. Change. Surreal emotions. Overwhelming emotions. Susceptible phonenix. Charting paths. Drunken soul. Startling.


Just some words instantly put. Need not make sense to yal .Some randomly presented themselves with some deep, uncomprehensible purpose. Some with a definite purpose. But all related somehow. Deep within.


another instant thought:

"It would be too impolite to rob a man of his innocence"


Surreal senses. Danger within. Danger beyond. Reigning terror. Brutal strength. Core competence. Growing competence. Radical sabotage. Espionage. Relieved senses. New life. New twigs.

Space. Cosmos. Space within. Hubble. Expanding Universe. Multiverses. Souls. Growing Apart. Distant thoughts. Relatively similar. Uncertain thoughts. Uncertain location. Trespassing souls. Overcoming souls. Singular drive. Elemental drive. Singularity.


Invention. Discovery. Eureka. Rene Descartes. Einstein. Telescope. Vision. Transcending images. Transcending wisdom. Concepts. Bubble. Burst. New bubble.

Flash. Creativity. Invading innovation. Deep. Novel concept. Nascent thoughts. Hone. Tools. Cycle. Ups Downs. Crests. Troughs. Crests. Notions. Gravity. Situational drive. Crystal. Innocence.

Hooray!! Hooray!!


As I said, need not make sense to yal.


Impervious Soul. Solid state. Mettle. Human. Howard Roark. End of story. Period. Begnining. Focused efforts. Success. Growth. Evolution.

Hooray! :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The word is out

the crisis has abated
insightful guardian
finding causality
envisioning; the word is out

breathtaking beauty
Her vastness; unifying
her freedom and felicity
sublime emotions; the word is out

journey has commenced
the divine arrival
in the human form
God Being; the word is out

Eternal me and her
stimulating patterns
liberated souls
manifesting; the word is out

stream of knowledge
flowing through the mind
instilling wisdom in the mortal self
Growing; the word is out

Disintegrating ego
channeling emotions,
through the gateway of passion
in a Tryst called Life; the word is out

Conceived beliefs and religions
notions and dogmas
all eradicating and integrating
into Singularity; the word is out

Humans with a divine soul
mortal body, regaining nobility
pure thoughts and paradigms
the Grandeur within; the word is out

Thursday, February 15, 2007

another view of Aarti


The Grand Gangaji's Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat at Banaras

The Holy Ganges

Ganga, as seen from Train...

Banaras street

One of the crowded street of Banaras

one of my favorite photos...

Gods with Dogs

Do you see a footprint beneath the veil of water?

another photo of Ghat at Banaras

Siberian birds on Ganga

Banaras Ghats

Bramha Ghat at Banaras

Banaras trip photos

Sunrays emerging through the mortal sky!
(as seen from the train)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

fantastic trip to Banaras

Guys and Gals,
Just back from a fantastic trip from Banaras. It was a super-charging trip from one Holy city (Nasik) to another (Banaras)...

Boy, was it fun! Met up lot of my relatives for the first time... most of them have left an indeliable mark on me. Enjoyed everything from Malai-yo (a super light delight full of rich proteins), to crowded streets, to the Holy Ganga, the list is endless.

I danced like never before during all the ceremonies of marriage! (yes, its all recorded and may be displayed)...

Okay.. more of it later.. promise!

have fun,

Friday, January 12, 2007

the me within

the souls have switched
the me has gone
trying to impersonate
the me within

uncanny as it might be
power surge; combating reality
re-discovering the true self
reviving, the me within

the restless encounter
overpowering iota
passionately insane
invading, the me within

great souls converge
sun, taking a new breath
gloriole, highlighting reality
empowering, the me within

wee soul; outgrowing body
new paradigms; outgrowing mind
information, outreaching the world
learning, the me within

reinventing passion,
re-living the life,
phantom mind, manifesting
re-discovering, the me within

hindsight, teaching and engraving
subtle values that drive
hope, both lost and found
managing, the me within

Monday, January 08, 2007

Small corner of my heart

Joy, within and without
thundering cloud of emotions
showering beatitude and joy
eternal bliss; in the small corner of my heart

Feelings, corroded by the material world
Joy, seemed to have forgotton me
Radical thoughts; from here and now
vanished; from the small corner of my heart

Amnesia, had struck and hit hard
Friends, long gone in material search
restless, i become in their absence
abstaining; from the small corner of my heart

Insights, from young and new
Generation, both from now and then
Primordial intelligence; losing its focus
sparing wisdom; from the small corner of my heart

Caged intellect; with broken wings
Flight to freedom; staggering
Articulated mind; stupefying thoughts
shattered; in the small corner of my heart

Joy, beaming with happiness
Actions; speaking louder than words
kickstarting perpetual emotional cycle
accelerating; the small corner of my heart

Admiration; felt and achieved
Desire to grow; to regions abound
resurrecting artist; reinstating faith
Hope floats; in the small corner of my heart

Monday, January 01, 2007

The year ahead: 2007

Thinking. Action. Learning. Growth.

That's FY2007's theme. In brief.

It will be the year when Andy Grove will help me nurture my business and address Strategic Inflection Points; Steven Covey will give me some tips on 7 Habits; Goldratt on bottleneck identification and improvement; Hugh MacLeod ( will pump in some inspiring stuff.

I will be defining the new year objectives, KRA, aspirations, growth direction etc by 1st Jan. Will keep yal updated!

Happy New Year folks! Have a great year ahead!