Saturday, August 20, 2005

CHANGE - at a glance!

There are small moments of pleasure which you should not miss. Their time of occurence is unknown. But they bring a totally new wave of excitement and enthusiasm with them. We should register it and 'let it go'. Don't try to capture it. It would move on anyway. Why bother?

That was a moment of reality that you had accepted. Why stay there? It has become an element of past now. Move on. That is nature. That is the 'Dharma'. Change is eternal. Everlasting. Try to resist change and you would feel the turbulent forces of change!

Every moment is ephemeral, transient yet eternal. But it has only changed its form. Now you see it as 'past'. Earlier it was 'present'. Thats the beauty of it. If you live in the moment, you have experienced the truth.

The latent characteristic of every evolution is change. It is because of this change that we evolve.

A child evolves into a man, a bud into a giant tree, rocks into mountain. But one thing stands time. Change. This 'change' sows the seeds of intelligence and wisdom into everything that is bound by the eternal process of Growth. And it not merely grows, but grows cumulatively.

This cumulative behaviour gives wisdom. Every micro-incremental ladder of change has 'flights' of wisdom in it.

1 comment:

  1. good one change add spice to your life.......its neccesary.

    the one who tries to change the course is the winner.

    u invicibily r the winner, buddy!