Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chaos Cleansing

My mind is digging the oblivion, trying to confound it with awareness. It is trying to stimulate elation in my morbid brain. It shall manifest, I am certain. The mind consumes lethargy and supplements it with ample dose of energy to keep my mortal cycle running.

This process of rejuvenation stems from a mere thought of loved and dear ones. You diagnose your self with Love! It drives us insane when we expound the state of our heart to her and she agrees. I am experiencing a transcendental feeling called Love.

It still remanins something profound and mystical. It is driven by something incomprehensible existing since eternity till eternity. It just happens!

Ok. fellas... this was just some chaotic outburst I experienced today... need not make sense to yal. Still cleared my mind from disorder and brought new order to it! Chaos Cleansing, shall I say! :)


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