Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lone Runner

Periodic cleansing of soul,
achieving divine harmony,
Taking baton of life and sprinting

Ever-growing horizons and ingrained ignorance
years of wisdom and displaced intelligence
over-growing reality; still discovering future

Tribal soul with surreal values
Body, bereft of all material possessions
Bare, to exist and evolve

Clairvoyant glimpses of the future unknown
Beckoning the soulful mind
present is known, future is sown

Divine intelligence, self-grown chaos
Blithe and hesitant, noble and reluctant
echoing ignorance, carefree existence

integrating awareness with bliss
unperturbed stimulation; growing within
wooing courage; sprouting beliefs

stigmata on innocence; breaking silence
aching pain; shouldered wisdom
complying with reality; Awaiting...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Respulsive and reclusive

Treating Life with a noble cause
Governing events; correcting flaws
un-attended breakthroughs, overcoming thought barriers
Repulsive and reclusive

Unambiguous thoughts; despodent wanderer
careless existence; bohemian conquerer
cognizance of values; defaulting carriers
Repulsive and reclusive

Suble directions that guide
Overwhelming pain that subside
circumspect rhyme; resonant vibes
Repulsive and reclusive

relentless sojourn; inertial mind
breathlessly striding; universal bind
filling time and killing ignorance
Repulsive and reclusive

Hapless manoeuvre; buoyant belief
pulsating pain, momentary relief
Everything from stardust to soul,
Repulsive and reclusive

Inflating ego, dwindling tranquillity,
Garnering emotions; conquering nobility
Ideating Life; submissive mind
Repulsive and reclusive