Friday, January 12, 2007

the me within

the souls have switched
the me has gone
trying to impersonate
the me within

uncanny as it might be
power surge; combating reality
re-discovering the true self
reviving, the me within

the restless encounter
overpowering iota
passionately insane
invading, the me within

great souls converge
sun, taking a new breath
gloriole, highlighting reality
empowering, the me within

wee soul; outgrowing body
new paradigms; outgrowing mind
information, outreaching the world
learning, the me within

reinventing passion,
re-living the life,
phantom mind, manifesting
re-discovering, the me within

hindsight, teaching and engraving
subtle values that drive
hope, both lost and found
managing, the me within

Monday, January 08, 2007

Small corner of my heart

Joy, within and without
thundering cloud of emotions
showering beatitude and joy
eternal bliss; in the small corner of my heart

Feelings, corroded by the material world
Joy, seemed to have forgotton me
Radical thoughts; from here and now
vanished; from the small corner of my heart

Amnesia, had struck and hit hard
Friends, long gone in material search
restless, i become in their absence
abstaining; from the small corner of my heart

Insights, from young and new
Generation, both from now and then
Primordial intelligence; losing its focus
sparing wisdom; from the small corner of my heart

Caged intellect; with broken wings
Flight to freedom; staggering
Articulated mind; stupefying thoughts
shattered; in the small corner of my heart

Joy, beaming with happiness
Actions; speaking louder than words
kickstarting perpetual emotional cycle
accelerating; the small corner of my heart

Admiration; felt and achieved
Desire to grow; to regions abound
resurrecting artist; reinstating faith
Hope floats; in the small corner of my heart

Monday, January 01, 2007

The year ahead: 2007

Thinking. Action. Learning. Growth.

That's FY2007's theme. In brief.

It will be the year when Andy Grove will help me nurture my business and address Strategic Inflection Points; Steven Covey will give me some tips on 7 Habits; Goldratt on bottleneck identification and improvement; Hugh MacLeod ( will pump in some inspiring stuff.

I will be defining the new year objectives, KRA, aspirations, growth direction etc by 1st Jan. Will keep yal updated!

Happy New Year folks! Have a great year ahead!