Monday, August 15, 2005

Creation of Death - an enquiry

Something terrible, something dreaded, something present since life - Death.

Death. The purpose of its creation is yet unknown.. we are all here for a cause, as they say.. and we die in the process of exploring the 'purpose' itself.... Is that our 'purpose'? To find the real 'purpose' of our life? Then, when do we really live? What do we really live for? Do we ever go beyond 'purpose'?

Does it mean that the 'purpose' is bestowed upon us the moment we take birth.. and the moment we die, is it that our 'purpose' is fullfilled? or does it remain unfulfilled? HOW DO WE KNOW? it needs to be explored...

How do we even know what our 'purpose' is? No body tells us. Most of us are living a 'purposeless' life on this earth...this godforsaken earth? Why are we unclear about 'purpose'? Something so profound, our lives are driven with / without it. How do we know if 'whatever' we are doing has a purpose/is purposeless? Hard to tell...

Is death just a astral transition from one body to another? So, many questions baffle me at this threshold of time... On one side is Life wanting to embrace me... on the other side is Death waiting to embrace me...

Which one should I traverse? Life / Death? Is Life more liberating or death more exciting? Two sides of the same coin? Difficult to comprehend... Cant be told unless we experience both.

Life and death are playing this game,
whether its a win or loss; depends on self,
Live to death and die to live; its the same
Am I fulfilling my purpose? - ask your 'self'.

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  1. hey buddy, nicely explained the term 'death'. 'Shadow of Death' no way one can dettach for itself. if we want the death to be beautiful its all depends on the life that we live. live our life i'm sure we can definately live our death. More miserable the life that we live, not organised and planned, futher dreaded is the death when it comes. No one has ever seen the life beyond death, though there had been many versions predicted, as no proof ever found.

    Lets not waste time in finding what would be the death world. Some people, i guess, rightly say what we do in our life on Earth, we are accordingly judged for our futher life in Heaven or Hell.

    For me, Life on earth is Heaven. The reason behind this is i know where i'm i! i'm gonna enjoy my life as God has given it to me. And when i'll be dead, death world would be the Heaven for me. why should i be scared? when i'm destine to achive the goals i've set for myself.

    As life is a challenge for me, death would be the same.