Monday, October 30, 2006

Major Mental Mess (MMM)

The title wasn't intended to be an alliteration; that's my mental state these days. It's in a form that the universe immediately after Big Bang was: Chaotic and in complete soup.

While working on a big project currently, I contantly think about the importance of systems in a set-up? What drives what? Does a large project build up the essential system? Or neat systems help you bag more projects? It just gets cyclical. Yes, that means I dont get any answer and my mind wanders off quickly.

Why can't both be the answers? Both are essential, right? They are. But, the interesting thing is, in a start-up when the systems are not in place, big projects themselves act as Evolutionary Mechanisms, which helps evolves an enterprise. Translated which means: Necessity is the mother of invention. When there is need, things are invented. Then, what is proactiveness? Identifying that need in advance and acting on it. That is necessary in a business set-up. Predicting and acting. PDCA cycle. (Plan Do Check Act)

Later when the start-up grows, projects come to them. Just like that. Cuz, they have strong systems and brand in place. I know a lot of brand visibility and positioning perspective will crop up, but should be discussed later; thus we shall skip it for the time being.

Your liberated minds might think: What be wrong with this homo sapien? Something well-known, so effective. Why ask?

In today's market-driven brouhaha, when competition is already sharpening their tools to cut your throats, what happens to companies trying to thrive? Trying to survive? What if they just have plain technical aptitude, enthusiasm etc? Yet, a strong system is required. May be at a smaller level proportionate to company size and its requirement. More than that, I think, gumption is required. Fierce Energy is required. Rest can be taken care of.

There are plenty of thoughts currently, but am unable to articulate them. Hmm, it's not rare though. There is something else beyond comprehension. My Gawd, MMM!!

These days I largely rely on SMS. For me, it's Save My Soul. Just a selfish avatar of SOS. Every now and then, I send SMS signals to my colleages, so that they can come to my rescue. Being in Intellectual Battlefield currently, time-n-again, such Mental Rescue Missions do liberate (or delay the project) a lot.

Thoughts are totally undisciplined. Just writing for the heck of it. It generally energises me, rejuvenates me etc. Whatever.

But seriously, despite umpteen brainstorming sessions I am still clueless about the question. We're all trying to bring order to the chaos. Its not that we dont have system. But we need a Perfect System. Absolutely foolproof. Divine. We are working very hard towards it. The Perfect System has not showed itself yet. PS: Where are you?

Too many parameters to monitor in the current project. Trying to figure out the right ones. The Neos. Which would outshine others. Which would be foolproof. Which would be Almighty Incarnated. The Chosen One. Whatever.

Its a very consuming process, I tell you. But, a lot of soul searching is required. Which makes it very interesting. Hehe. Very rewarding later. Patience is also running out of stock now. A lot more inventory is required. Heavens! What the heck is happening?

Folks, more MMS (My Mental Story) later. Meanwhile, do me a favour - Think over and reply to my SMS. Good night. Sleep well.