Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flashes of Creativity

It's been many days that I've written thoughts here. Although, I am busy like hell these days.. its no excuse not to write... but frankly, my mind is constantly occupied with work related thoughts. There are certain momentary flashes when some interesting ideas pop up. So, I think about them for a while, and then like a flash, they disappear! :)

Somehow I should start tapping such brilliant flashes. Ideas, radical concepts, innovations, nostalgic glimpses, visions, feats, achievements etc.. all seem to just mix-up momentarily and create a new line of thought which stimulates and then elates your mind. This novel thought mesmerises you due to its very nature. You wish that time would stand still, and you would admire the beauty in the moment. It is such 'flash' that your mind should store and process. Store first, process later.

It may all seem confusing. Actually, it is. But, that is the beauty of it. It's an apparent chaos. Chaos and Order seem to be different sides of the same coin. Chaos for one, Order for another. Idea for one, Crap for another. Shit for one, Manure for another.

Getting confusing? Well, I too am trying to analyse the confusion. I know I am not getting anywhere, am I? But, that's not the intention also. Sometimes, it is more important to travel than to arrive.

My point is, such flashes can be tapped into and can act as an enormous source of creativity. I believe that everyone is creative, only some realise it and some don't. Deep within, your mind is constantly thinking, ideating, brainstorming, churning. Ok, I am begining to make sense now. I am loving it! A poem also flows, as if its time has come...

Such brilliant flashes, just come and go
Teaching me a few things I should know

Tap'em and store'em
in a flash, just analyse'em

Profound, it seems; when they occur
Mind exults, when creative glimpses they offer

Thoughts collide and fuse together; unleashes
the force within and creativity flashes

Suddenly, I am experiencing more brilliant flashes. Now thats what I'm talking about! As I ponder on the current thought patterns, oh.. another flash! Hey.. wait up..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Soul.. revisited

Undiluted thoughts
Consolidating their existence
invading vehemently

The very thought
that had manifested
and vanished into oblivion
Triggered the being within

Blissful, as I feel
Thoughts showering beatitude
Their magnitude, capable
of evolving the nascent soul

The wicked soul withstood
and resisted; the blatant time
finally it broke and emerged
the noble soul had conquered

Thursday, June 01, 2006


What has happened?
No thoughts, no recollections
No memories, no predilections
I am clueless

Penchant for writing
All forgotten?
Or mind just pretending?
Blank paper, just staring
I am clueless

Thoughts waiting
Hands, wondering
My writer's mind, got blocked
I stare in utter oblivion
I am clueless

Life, galloping ahead
Me, cheering it
Sitting tightly to control
otherwise, would lose track
But, am I on the right track?
I am clueless

Poems, they still inspire
People, even more
But, where has everyone gone?
Poems, any theme I'm writing on?
Hell, I am clueless

Am waiting to write something
Something, that would make sense
something inspiring
But, heck its 2 AM?
What am I waiting for?
I am utterly clueless

Something's finally taking shape
Some words, some thoughts
recollections and inspiration
patterns emerging; clarity manifesting
words, jumbled and arranged
But, coming from where?
I am clueless

My birth is in process
Awaiting its revival
New life to begin
newer clues, for newer paths
new thoughts taking shapes
Heck, what do I write next?
I am clueless