Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fire Starter

Divine chaos and divine mortality
the inferno within; the ultimate tranquillity
the source code of Life; like a scarlet fire
momentary anguish and the momentary ire

pain succumbing to pain; inhibited crime
turbulence to passion; transcending the sublime
vibrant thoughts in a prolific stance
the material and mortal; disintegrating in this trance

inflated ego; breaking down and degenerating
conquering mind; bubbling and bursting
FireStarter within; getting conceived and has born
Driving new world; between mortal & divine, it is torn

option to choose is between Life and Eternity
Has a passion to create; got to choose mortality
where better souls have lost, the best ones shall emerge
Life will make me Eternal; says the passionate urge

all myths & legends; its upbringing transcends
its Value is immeasurable; the Oracle portends
FireStarter is born, growth shall be rekindled
and world shall resurrect; The Being is rechristened

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Turbulence to Passion

Sailing through turbulence
riding crests and troughs
circumspect and joyous thoughts

reckless emotions; transcending reality
restless and living; its sardonic charm
slicing the sloth witin; obliterating inertia

Incisive thoughts; cutting through the pain
Rebellious gait; striding with confidence
stolid mind; dynamic & resistant thoughts

astral life form; sharing same body & soul
adulerated thoughts; diluted and acidic
charring its dark form; evolving

mutating genes; decomposing soul
the nascent life; bubbling & expanding
the end has come near and begin again

the blatant body has risen
overcoming impediments & ignorance
steering celestial spirit; regaining nobility

the angel has invaded; the dying spirit re-lives
arcane & unjust thoughts; all wiped out
new soul, new mind, new thoughts; renewed passion

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Disconnected Soul

Distant voice trailing off
Soul breaking the mortal cage
in Chautauqua, where sanity gathers
The disconnected soul, observes

As blissful as it might be perceived
Disconnected discourse, barely audible
Unattentive thoughts, radically misbehaving
unprecedented urge for the wisdom drive

Receptive reality, pouncing ahead
Growing discontent over worldly pretence
Sundry souls fathoming the divine, dissatisfied
the susceptible soul, prone to reality

Scorching mind, gobbling ignorance
the Chautauqua, where the great sages learn
the burning desire, unintelligible perception
the simmering soul, mind facing the heat

primordial rhyme in strings
cordial thoughts, beyond rationale
the drunken wanderer rhyming with reality
insightful strings, consistently changing, teaching

the silver bullet is ineffective
Mind unleashing the Wise Beast within
ruthless energy, passionately divine
Crystalline images, morphing reality

the natural self, self-contained emotions
aboriginal mind, preserving change
synergy evolving despite chaotic flow
Undercurrent of emotions, self-driven causality

Sunday, December 10, 2006

2+2 = 7596238

How is 2+2 = 7596238?Actually, this is one of the masterpieces of Glasbergen and one of my favorities too. The caption in this particular toon reads: "In an increasingly complex world, sometimes old questions require new answers".

Most of the times, we assume standard answers to questions. In reality, there are always multiple solutions to a problem. Its all about your perception; how you look at a problem. Every perception / paradigm gives you a different and unique answer. Rock on.

Our mind - the perpetual thinking machine - helps us collate, integrate, fuse, differentiate, slice, multiply the ideas. It is our greatest resource that helps to realise the sublime knowledge within.

Ideas, notions, concepts, creative intellect, memories share one very interesting thing - they can be unified to create something even more stimulating. Juxtaposition leading to evolution. Just place them together and see things in a different light. A new paradigm. A new perspective.

Woaw! what was that all about?

Well, nothing specific as such. Hadn't written much about anything in the past few days. Thought of scribbling down something I believe in. Nothing else.

Life's hectic as always.

Still manage to surf to pump up my creative hormones (Rock on Hugh!); a dash of wiki and help me understand things better.,, etc daily update me about the latest trends in Brand, ad and media world. Peps me up.

Other than that, its my rare but fruitful visit to that helps me write about stuff I like. (Yeah!)

Life's resonating with positive vibes. And I am here to experience it, real-time. Ciao.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wake up

Thoughts. Plans. Actions. More thoughts. More plans. More Actions.

Power Surge. Great Learning. Growth. Evolution.

Infusion of zillions of thoughts. Thoughts of new order. New paradigm. Designer patterns. Random thoughts. Actions. New wave.

It's time to shake you, wake you off your slumber. Wake up goddamit. Wake up.
Get up. Get ready for action. Be prepared.

Bubble. Burst. Vacuum. More surge. Information Overflow. Information Implosion. Information Explosion. Zombie.

Wake up goddamit. Wake up.

Business. Work. Paradigm. String. Birth. Re-birth. Cycle. New Order. New breed. Selfish. Growth. Dynamism.

Informative songs. Information. Processing. Data. Analysis. Deductions.

Relentless actions. Like automatons. Machines. Intelligence. Natural. Artificial. Strategies. Leader.

Power surge. Wake up goddamit.

Break off. New branches. New twigs. Creative intellect. The twig has grown. Stuckness. Usual candor.

Bright ideas. Ideas. Break-even. Profit. Bottom-line. Novel ideas. Shit work. Fertile results.

Brand. Seed. Supercede. Precede. Visibility. Certainty. Precedent. Ground-breaking.

Wake up goddamit. Wake up. Learn. Grow. Urge. Evolve. Avoid Ignorance.

Life's good with information. Wake up.