Thursday, March 05, 2009

change in hand-writing

Over the years my hand-writing has drastically changed. May be evolved is the right word.

Till very recently, I was a cursive writer until I came across Hugh MacLeod's cartoons on I studied his writing, and found it very practical. Very legible and very clear. But it was print-writing. I adapted it and started using it. Not that my cursive was not legible. I have received several appreciations during school level for my cursive writing. Anyways.

My logic was this: Others may find cursive writing slightly difficult to read. Since I write for others to read, I should switch to print-writing. I also got a good response for this switch. I keep writing oneliners, thoughts, project specifics, and other such stuff on board and the readers did find this type of writing much easier to grasp.

More about it later...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

corporate alter-ego

We all want to be superheros - in corporate and personal lives. Somehow completing our target with unmatched accuracy and incredible speed. Saving some office guy from a big bully. Increasing team-work through mentoring or motivational blah. Saving the office from a mega-blunder by demonstrating "keen eye for detail" power.

Some remain shy and perform like Clark Kent or Peter Parker in their personal lives and transform in Superman or Spider Man in their professional lives. Some are like Bruce Banner who overtly transform into The Hulk and gets the work done. But their alter-egos don't have exciting lives. They're always struggling to keep up with their personal commitments.

I am wondering if a guy who consistently excels in professional and personal fronts is mythical.

I have recently become a great fan of Ben Tennyson (from Ben 10), a teenager with an Omnitrix having amazing powers of 10 aliens. Depending upon the situation's intensity, he summons his aliens using his Omnitrix and transforms himself into one. Then he goes on to "resolve the issue" at hand and ensures that the "problem" does not recur.

He is plain, down-to-earth, and balances both his lives with great dexterity. In our own lives, we should transform ourselves in our role models whom we actually look up to. Be it in managing teams, family, friends, projects etc.