Sunday, September 25, 2005

Close encounter with the mind

Thoughts, thoughts and thoughts... jus can't live without'em. They become words when properly thought. Jus writing som'thing for the heck of it. Nothing flowing..

My mind in oblivion and I feel lonely,
What I ought to be; am impersonating slowly

Thoughts and the patterns in total mess,
Help me out God; please bless

Some thoughts on this gloomy day,
reverberate in my mind and stay

I know this day would go away fast,
Drab day, dull patterns wont really last

Already gumption seems to have taken over me,
Want to fly beyond reach; want to be just me

The power of mind I have quickly discovered,
Dullness is just a state; happiness got triggered

Now I feel totally renewed,
Rejoicing I am; and feel revived


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