Sunday, May 22, 2005

As BIG as it gets!

While travelling in bus in Pune, I encountered a very old man standing in front of me. I could feel his breath. Yes, we were that close!

His expressions, his aged body and his innocent eyes compelled me to remember him. Thus, I began a search that would make him immortal in my memory. I tried to observe some unique feature, some strange expressions, some sense in his attire, something that would make him eternal in my memory!

Then, somehow, I noticed that element. It was His glasses. Something was remarkably strange about them. “It was their size”, I observed. I could see my entire face in it. They were so humungous! Those glasses covered 75% of his wrinkled face. The wrinkled face that had seen many monsoons pass by. The legs, so used to travelling and boarding buses, his hands so thin but still strong enough to hold him in his position, yet he overlooked the pain that they were suffering from.

His struggle, so evident in his whitish grey hair, in his every effort; the struggle from now and then, here and there, near and far! The struggle that had made him proud of what he was.

Behind his old and big glasses, were trained eyes, old enough, to foretell the arrival of a stop even without looking at the earlier one!

The noticeable blood vessels on his neck that had narrated to countless people they had spoken to, commanded, pleaded over, the blessings that they had given and had screamed with joy!

His respect was growing continually in my mind!

He was someone who was possessed. Possessed by his own self. Possessed by the indomitable spirit that had carved him into existence.

This was as BIG as it could have got. Life was there in front of me. Screaming with delight, screaming with hope!

His description transcended all known words. It was something that clearly explained the purpose of life, which was Life itself!

It was to reach somewhere. Somewhere beyond purpose, somewhere beyond sky, where HE lies! “I want to reach till Him,” he said. “Because there lies the genesis of all purposes and meaning of every ones’ life!”

But to understand that, you are sent to earth.I was already getting overwhelmed by this experience.

Life was telling me to live! And How? It was through someone like this old man. He had taught me to live. He is an eternal, by all means, even before I wanted to categorize him.

Death is only a beginning, it is rightly said. There are people who die every moment thinking about death and there are those who believe that there’s something more to life than death!

“It just keeps getting better and better!,” I admired and admitted.