Monday, December 06, 2010

Getting Creative

Getting creative is not just a one time activity. Consistency matters. You should work such that creativity becomes a habit, then you'll do wonders. See how it pays off!

Becoming creative is being aware of the fact that there are multiple solutions beneath every problem. Only that they need to be poked to show themselves up! They will emerge, with persistence.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Inspiration from Hugh MacLeod

Drawing inspiration from Hugh MacLeod (, I went out and purchased 3 marker pens to 'try' writing on the back of business cards. Just to get 'that' excitement.

I've following since about 5 years now, and am a HUGE fan. So just recently, I thought of toying with the idea and started drawing these cartoons on the back of used/old business cards that there were just lying around, unused.

Let me know how you found them. I'll upload some more soon.

Pic1: so, what's keeping YOU!

Pic2: which one will you CHOOSE?

Pic3: Form without function is FUTILE.

Pic4: Which one will you CHOOSE?

Pic5: making sense of things

Pic6: ignorant about ignorance

Pic7: Success, Finally!

Pic8: feed my hunger

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