Thursday, July 28, 2005

Still thinking !

The poet in me lives,
waiting to get inspired,
a spark for which it strives,
a spark waiting to get fired!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

On The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci I read and knew Langdon’s deed
Encrypting and decoding reality; Brown’s a genius indeed!

The Rose line I walked on and fathomed Neveu’s alacrity,
Cherishing Sauniere’s intelligence along with Fache’s tenacity!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mind Speak

Getting nostalgic over the years,
For the achievements obtained in the past,
Struggling over the impediments & fears,
To meet life's challenges in a future so vast!

I never knew who I am or who I was,
I was only a speck, in this God's cause,
Now it does not matter; I have begun to explore,
The true nature of my work; that I knew not before

I have begun again where I had left,
Trying to bridge across, this apparent cleft,
Dying to uncover the secrets of my soul,
Shall bring me closer to God, making me whole!

Mystic Memories

How shall I inherit, the knowledge in my genes?
Understanding its nature; the power that it gleans.

Helping me further; getting over this quest,
Courage, brain and me; all are put to test

The journey I trace in an enquiry to reveal,
Mystic codes to live; presenting directions to unveil.

A need has grown in a cause so weird,
An enquiry to answer, from memories so smeared.

Memories are inconspicuous, they all seem nebulous,
But memories are treasured; let’s get out of this fuss.

What we have lived; is from where we derive,
Solutions to enquiries; to bliss – now I arrive

Memories are distant; now they are prominent,
They finally are clear now; I feel so exultant.

So joyous I feel, that the memories are identified,
The quest to my genes has left me gratified.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pondering with nature!

Nature has its beauty, which I cannot fathom,
Dancing around gracefully, in its cosmic rhythm.

Understand the nature, realize its serenity,
Life is still larger, filled with vivacity.

Life goes on, as it never ends,
This is the truth, the nature portends.

Nature is mysterious; Nature has its rage,
Creating and destroying; breaking the karmic cage

Nature has its power, which it manifests,
To test our fortitude, it puts up tests.

How shall I, a little human, demystify?
Nature’s eternal beatitude, need I testify?

Nature is subtle; Nature has its grace,
Gently evolving us – the human race.

Divine I felt coz divine I was,
When I saw angel holding the Holy Cross!

I implored the angel, “Show me the way!”
“Look inside you”, said Angel happy and gay.

“What is Darkness, it only feigns,
Perceive the light, for it truly reigns.”

“Oh! What matter, the emptiness contains?”
“Life is omnipresent.” the angel maintains.

“Oh Lord! How shall I learn?”
“Learning is a myth, now learn to unlearn.”

“Learning to die and dying to learn,
Die to escape; to learn, let your fingers burn.”

“Learning to die or am I dying to learn?”
“Are you still perplexed?” asked angel with concern

“Should I just relax or should I meditate?”
“The answer is within you, just let it precipitate.”

“Its really helpful, the job that you do.”
“Thanks”, said angel, “there’s still so much to do.”

“You need to be happy; together you should stay,
Pray you should; growth is God will pay.”

The Discovery

How should I comprehend, the oblivion I am in?
The unfathomable mind; the limitless void within.

The restless mind; trying to settle,
Trying to assuage; finding its true mettle.

The higher you go its vastness you encounter,
An untapped iota; an intangible splinter.

Forever it takes, the journey inward,
Elevating your mind, pushing you forward.

The clearer you become, the faster you transcend,
This material world; spiritually you ascend.