Saturday, September 03, 2005

An element called Love...and Nature

Very playful soul the nature has,
Teaches us while it plays,
The simplicity it exudes,
Is still profound in its form

It has given us this mind,
To think and grow rich,
But we confuse and fickle
Its power we need to harness

The element of love,
Co-existing since eternity,
Also known as bond,
Newton called it gravity

The element of love
And intangible
Drives us
Makes us feel divine

Captures our imagination
Signifies the bond
Between two beings

The element of love
So intense
And playful
And vivacious

The element of love
helps us live life
in days of sadness
in days of utter dismay
in days of total helplessness
at times when you feel gloomy
at times when you feel alone
at times of utter confusion

when hope seems to be the only anchor in our life...

This element of love lifts us and navigates us to live Life!

1 comment:

  1. good one always an element, difficult to make it a part of your's.