Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Turbulence to Passion

Sailing through turbulence
riding crests and troughs
circumspect and joyous thoughts

reckless emotions; transcending reality
restless and living; its sardonic charm
slicing the sloth witin; obliterating inertia

Incisive thoughts; cutting through the pain
Rebellious gait; striding with confidence
stolid mind; dynamic & resistant thoughts

astral life form; sharing same body & soul
adulerated thoughts; diluted and acidic
charring its dark form; evolving

mutating genes; decomposing soul
the nascent life; bubbling & expanding
the end has come near and begin again

the blatant body has risen
overcoming impediments & ignorance
steering celestial spirit; regaining nobility

the angel has invaded; the dying spirit re-lives
arcane & unjust thoughts; all wiped out
new soul, new mind, new thoughts; renewed passion

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  1. This one is also good!! Is it just a poem? or your own self? your thoughts??