Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fire Starter

Divine chaos and divine mortality
the inferno within; the ultimate tranquillity
the source code of Life; like a scarlet fire
momentary anguish and the momentary ire

pain succumbing to pain; inhibited crime
turbulence to passion; transcending the sublime
vibrant thoughts in a prolific stance
the material and mortal; disintegrating in this trance

inflated ego; breaking down and degenerating
conquering mind; bubbling and bursting
FireStarter within; getting conceived and has born
Driving new world; between mortal & divine, it is torn

option to choose is between Life and Eternity
Has a passion to create; got to choose mortality
where better souls have lost, the best ones shall emerge
Life will make me Eternal; says the passionate urge

all myths & legends; its upbringing transcends
its Value is immeasurable; the Oracle portends
FireStarter is born, growth shall be rekindled
and world shall resurrect; The Being is rechristened

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