Thursday, July 20, 2006

The search for a Perfect Career

Ok.. what is common between a Perfect Career and the Holy Grail? Both are hard to find.

Well, I've been thinking about this for a while. Millions of thoughts have combined and are giving a major thrust to my mind.

An Ideal State: Think. Plan. Execute.
Current State: Think. Think. Get confused.

I dunno why. Till few days back, I thought a Perfect Career was quite achievable. Not anymore. I guess we call it Evolution. Nature has ingrained it in us. Everyone and everything tries to go to a stable higher state. Electrons do it. Apes did it. Humans, well, need I say something?

Why have I reached to such a state of mind? Any guesses? Lets not address it right now. May be at a later stage of mental elucidation. Anyways, where were we? Yeah, Apes and Electrons.

I feel, the very concept of a Perfect Career and our journey towards it is wierd. Why? Because, we would never know if we have reached that stage. Even if we have a Perfect Career, we would still want a Perfect Career. Also, since it's all relative.

Consider Solution Architects in IT Companies. Their prime job is to understand customer requirement and translate them into a neat plan so that it can be executed. They are the highest earners in the field. I have personally interacted with a guy earning 45 L p.a. That's a hell lot of money. Their profile is also astounding. They are the brains of an organisation. You know, lot of social respect and stuff follows next. So, what is more amazing than a 45 L p.a job? A 60 L p.a job. And does it ever end? The answer is obviously: NO. Some call it Elemental drive. I call it Greed. And there's nothing wrong in it.

Perfect Career, although as elusive as it might sound, quite radically provides us the drive, the push, the boost, the urge, the greed, to work towards it. Without it, we would not grow. I guess, a Perfect Plan is equally dominant to take us to the Perfect Career. Plans are many, Perfect Plans are fewer. Following it is another ball game. Any T, D and H has a career. But it takes guts to reach to the Perfect Career.

Your idea of a PC, might not gel with your OWN parents. So, either you revolt and succeed or revolt and give up. It depends on how gutty your guts are, how well your clarity of thought is and how good your communication is with your Pa and Ma. Some lines flow now...

Plan the first step and plan the last,
Be firm on it; execute it fast

Every step is a risk; but with it you'll soar
Work at it and reach new heights; like never before

Perfect Career is all yours to capture
Think it right and execute, for a great future


  1. With a bit of courage and a dash of self-discipline,
    a small talent can go a long, long way.
    Keep it up!

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    also go through the blog
    and do send comments.