Thursday, July 06, 2006


Ambiguities or not, I decided to venture in,
the master waited, with his cause so benign

People just gossiped and broke; degenerated
As lost as they seem; their self degraded

Ideas that thrived on thoughts; vanished
Those degenerated personalities; famished

Inspiration drove; churned ideas of new kind
That energy; was loose and conquered my mind

The master blessed, the mind that was alive
Dead minds, gossiping minds; all so naive

A new path, a new guide he presented
A spirit, all restless to grow; ventured

the master preached; not religion but volition
the free soul, set to conquer; possessed with gumption

Uninspired souls; waiting a renaissance
Were thirsty for knowledge; obliterated ignorance


  1. hey i know wht this poem of urs want to voice, but hey on the positive side look it at as a thought process to rewamp ur beliefs and thoughts.

  2. Hey nice words! All these poems by u? Good work.