Friday, March 31, 2006

Untitled >>

Untitled thoughts coalescing
They begin and end with Love
End, to Love?
Love is eternal; unending

Exploring Love
Lone side of Love
Bright side of Love
My side of Love
The Love side

Thoughts still remain untitled
Why to title it?
Exploring is important; Experiencing is

Thoughts piling up
Need to file'em up
Gotta flag'em up
Love, keeps popping up

Loved and near ones
Far away but real ones
Lot of crushes; was Loved once
Love, yes, it happened once

Untitled, they still remain
Love, they still contain,
Thoughts, I proudly proclaim
Contain Love, I still maintain

Love, show yourself
An iota, where you reside
Non-Love thoughts; subside
Only Love, in every stride

>> to be continued >>

1 comment:

  1. buddy u r in love.........everybody wants to fall in love, but it remains a dream. what i call it as a self preservation!

    good one!