Tuesday, April 11, 2006

this is how it began...

trying to speak volumes about what was happening
this was how it began; nebulae, void and stars glittering

void would ask worriedly, where will the Big Bang happen
Stretch yourself and grow; singularity would answer often

universe oozing through the bubbling bang
glowing and growing; celestial songs they all sang

with all its might force, the univese grew and reached
interfered with multiverses; space-time was breached

Deduced Hubble, void was gaping, galaxies separating
a mile would be a light-year long; everything parting

It's Crichton, I read; and saw it gaping
but void, it remained; saw Dark matter escaping

Its time to sleep; novel concepts I shall dream,
will have quantum foam all over, this celestial icecream

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