Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cerebral Brouhaha

Yes, as weird as it gets..

You are strange in your form; Mind chats with Life,
What’s apparent isn’t; what to expect from this strife?

As weird as it gets, son of Adam; Life talks,
But take it in your stride, get over such thoughts

Is there anything outside this divine chaos?
Why serendipity is absent in complex tasks?

The strange is yet to come, the Mind reassures,
What’s Life got to do with it; the Big M ponders

Conclusion is where you get tired of thinking; I read,
Tired of thinking, eh? Inspires such fear, such dread

The unexpected becomes real; Mind is boggled,
Life, where art thou? The way? Mind crumbled.

As weird as it gets, truly...


  1. Ya i know how weired it is, to not meet a frnd 100mts away for 2weeks (seems to be 2decades) but hey grt poem, buddy keep it up!!!

  2. Its really wonderfull and enlightning, to know about something un-exploited, which is still unknown about yourself.

    Life is a game, those who falter ;fails, those who have the guts to staying against the wind flies high.