Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wake up

Thoughts. Plans. Actions. More thoughts. More plans. More Actions.

Power Surge. Great Learning. Growth. Evolution.

Infusion of zillions of thoughts. Thoughts of new order. New paradigm. Designer patterns. Random thoughts. Actions. New wave.

It's time to shake you, wake you off your slumber. Wake up goddamit. Wake up.
Get up. Get ready for action. Be prepared.

Bubble. Burst. Vacuum. More surge. Information Overflow. Information Implosion. Information Explosion. Zombie.

Wake up goddamit. Wake up.

Business. Work. Paradigm. String. Birth. Re-birth. Cycle. New Order. New breed. Selfish. Growth. Dynamism.

Informative songs. Information. Processing. Data. Analysis. Deductions.

Relentless actions. Like automatons. Machines. Intelligence. Natural. Artificial. Strategies. Leader.

Power surge. Wake up goddamit.

Break off. New branches. New twigs. Creative intellect. The twig has grown. Stuckness. Usual candor.

Bright ideas. Ideas. Break-even. Profit. Bottom-line. Novel ideas. Shit work. Fertile results.

Brand. Seed. Supercede. Precede. Visibility. Certainty. Precedent. Ground-breaking.

Wake up goddamit. Wake up. Learn. Grow. Urge. Evolve. Avoid Ignorance.

Life's good with information. Wake up.

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  1. Good one!! instantly n genuinely put up thoughts..!!