Friday, December 15, 2006

The Disconnected Soul

Distant voice trailing off
Soul breaking the mortal cage
in Chautauqua, where sanity gathers
The disconnected soul, observes

As blissful as it might be perceived
Disconnected discourse, barely audible
Unattentive thoughts, radically misbehaving
unprecedented urge for the wisdom drive

Receptive reality, pouncing ahead
Growing discontent over worldly pretence
Sundry souls fathoming the divine, dissatisfied
the susceptible soul, prone to reality

Scorching mind, gobbling ignorance
the Chautauqua, where the great sages learn
the burning desire, unintelligible perception
the simmering soul, mind facing the heat

primordial rhyme in strings
cordial thoughts, beyond rationale
the drunken wanderer rhyming with reality
insightful strings, consistently changing, teaching

the silver bullet is ineffective
Mind unleashing the Wise Beast within
ruthless energy, passionately divine
Crystalline images, morphing reality

the natural self, self-contained emotions
aboriginal mind, preserving change
synergy evolving despite chaotic flow
Undercurrent of emotions, self-driven causality

1 comment:

  1. Good to see that you started writing.. :) Nice poem.. :)