Thursday, June 01, 2006


What has happened?
No thoughts, no recollections
No memories, no predilections
I am clueless

Penchant for writing
All forgotten?
Or mind just pretending?
Blank paper, just staring
I am clueless

Thoughts waiting
Hands, wondering
My writer's mind, got blocked
I stare in utter oblivion
I am clueless

Life, galloping ahead
Me, cheering it
Sitting tightly to control
otherwise, would lose track
But, am I on the right track?
I am clueless

Poems, they still inspire
People, even more
But, where has everyone gone?
Poems, any theme I'm writing on?
Hell, I am clueless

Am waiting to write something
Something, that would make sense
something inspiring
But, heck its 2 AM?
What am I waiting for?
I am utterly clueless

Something's finally taking shape
Some words, some thoughts
recollections and inspiration
patterns emerging; clarity manifesting
words, jumbled and arranged
But, coming from where?
I am clueless

My birth is in process
Awaiting its revival
New life to begin
newer clues, for newer paths
new thoughts taking shapes
Heck, what do I write next?
I am clueless

1 comment:

  1. Hi Saurabh. Hope you remember me. We were together at the U of M. Came across your blog while surfing the net. You have a wonderful collection of thoughtfully written poems. Keep it up. Do stop by blog sometime. Take care. - Saurabh Pandit