Friday, August 11, 2006

a little wee river

a little wee river flowed
with all its subtlety and mildness
in the path it had carved

the puny little drive
the weak force in its flow
as gentle as its nature was

the stream kept on adding
vital drops of water
and grew into a mighty force

with such stimulus, gathered a brutal force
a momentum, never seen never heard
an aggression, never imagined to exist

thrashed all that withstood
broke the barriers that resisted
carved a new path and flowed

with all the mightiness
that flowed and contained
despite its humble origin, grew.


  1. nicely said,

    can imagine as well.

    This is the skill you have.

  2. Words are nicely Moulded.
    A thought presented in a creative way.
    Keep writing.