Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In me...Become me

Its been many days that it has not come to me. It needs to be rediscovered. It reigned supreme in my mind till few days back. Its absence haunts me. It acts as a fuel to my mind. Hmm, it seems to be hiding somewhere.

Are you playing with me? You know, you wont succeed; I am good at discovering you. You may hide, but can't vanish. Not from me.

You have helped me before, you will help me now. I am just searching for the clue that will help me re-discover you. I am unable to find it yet, but I know I am on the right path. Previously, various elements have blessed me with your presence. Love primarily discovered you. Nature was a close second. Where have you gone now? Dont play anymore. I need your power, your presence. I need you. In you, lies my essence. Limitless vitality. Immense Creativity. Come to me.

I am driven by you. Your presence makes me feel stronger about myself. Why have you left? Yes, somehow I didnt nurture you enough to stay back...with me. I was confused and lost. I still am. Therefore I need you. Your mere presence makes me pulsate with energy. Let me discover you. Your power...once again.

I know you want me to discover you. What clues have you left behind? Help me find them. What are you waiting for? I wont let you go this time. I will fuel you to sustain and grow. In me.

Come soon.. Oh! Inspiration! Come over. Free me. Overpower me. Excite me. Charge me. Change me. Be within me. Be my soul. Become me.

Eagerly waiting for your arrival,

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