Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Fountainhead continued...

I feel like I was sleeping the last time I read The Fountainhead. Really. I feel that I had missed the most of it. Now, it feels as if the book is slowly and patiently unfolding its mysterious power to me. I have got a feeling that I was not ready for the book earlier; but now I am.

Some of the junctions which I really like, are, when...

* Howard Roark meets Gail Wynand
* Howard Roark meets Dominique Wynand and Gail Wynand
* Howard Roark meets Ellsworth Toohey
* Kent Lansing meets Howard Roark
* Dominique meets Wynand
* Steve Mallory again meets Mike
* Ellsworth Toohey meets Gail Wynand at his office

I am nearing the end of the book. It actually feels that the conversations above should last forever and I would be a part of it.

(Yes, I am even more anxious to reach the point when Howard Roark addresses the jury!)

I feel that I should revisit all books I read and liked: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance (Pirsig), Lila (Pirsig), The End of Eternity (Asimov), Zen: The quantum leap from mind to no-mind (Osho), The Bridge across forever (Bach). I think I will understand them in greater depth now. Lets see. Incidentally, some of these books are instrumental in evolving me and honing me into whatever I am today.

I think, my growth, further, would be governed by autobiographies like Only the Paranoid survive (Andy Grove), Pour your heart into it (Howard Schultz), Wings of Fire (Kalam) and others. Governed by these, my ability to challenge my limits and how I take life as I meet it head-on. These books would give me an insight in running the business I am in right now.

Till then, happy reading folks!!

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