Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random thoughts - Ego, Life, Love and Values

Nebulous clouds and the dark matter,
dying stars and the unwanted clutter,
aspiring stars, in this relentless churn,
radiating Life, on this lasting sojourn

dwindling egos and the inflated minds,
ignoring Life that binds,
startled emotions and disrupted Life,
better notions manifest; ending strife

Understanding emotions in this deep-rooted drive
Subtle concepts; strengthening to thrive
primordial drive- called Love; beginning to manifest
enriching Life for a fruitful cause; in this new quest

Circumspect notions; expressing uncertainty
observing the drive; resorting to absurdity
seeking a solution; through solitary refinement
enquiring into values; to achieve enlightenment

Seeking inspiration from dimensions unknown
reliving nobility; newer seeds are sown
Humanizing values for what is to become
Newer - Love, Life and Values; the best is yet to come

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