Friday, October 19, 2007

Respulsive and reclusive

Treating Life with a noble cause
Governing events; correcting flaws
un-attended breakthroughs, overcoming thought barriers
Repulsive and reclusive

Unambiguous thoughts; despodent wanderer
careless existence; bohemian conquerer
cognizance of values; defaulting carriers
Repulsive and reclusive

Suble directions that guide
Overwhelming pain that subside
circumspect rhyme; resonant vibes
Repulsive and reclusive

relentless sojourn; inertial mind
breathlessly striding; universal bind
filling time and killing ignorance
Repulsive and reclusive

Hapless manoeuvre; buoyant belief
pulsating pain, momentary relief
Everything from stardust to soul,
Repulsive and reclusive

Inflating ego, dwindling tranquillity,
Garnering emotions; conquering nobility
Ideating Life; submissive mind
Repulsive and reclusive

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