Friday, June 15, 2007


In elementary physics, Strings define the basic fabric of matter. Their behavior governs the way matter behaves. Despite being the smallest element of matter, they are most vital. Similarly, I feel, following 4 'strings' are central in any business.

Volition ~ Information ~ Perspective ~ Idea

'Strings' is an attempt to discuss the finer aspects that matter a lot in business world. The aspects which govern the basic functioning of business.

Small ideas trigger a revolution. Inspired souls storm the world. A paradigm shift work wonders. Stagnant minds, evolve.Businesses setting new trends. Trends setting new businesses. Its cyclical.

Future shall be analysed. Present shall be enjoyed. Past will be revered. Change is.

New ideas shall blossom. The mind shall once again conquer.Strings is about whats happening and whats not.

'Why not' and 'How' are questions addressed here. It is about hope. It is about action. New businesses and emerging trends. Its time to evolve. Its time to set a new trend.

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