Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Ayn Rand Effect

I am re-reading The Fountainhead after 6 years, and must admit that it is making much more sense to me now. Somehow I am able to relate to it better and also able to properly gather Ayn Rand's thoughts about Howard Roark, Peter Keating, Ellsworth Toohey, Dominique Francon, Henry Cameron and Gail Wynand.

I feel that these characters in some form or another live in us. They manifest during certain situations and we behave like them. Ayn Rand has beautifully presented such characters. No, its not a critique on Ayn Rand's work. I am merely writing my impressions about The Fountainhead that I am beginning to discover. Its amazing.

Their thought processes, their rationalizations, reasonings, etc also form a part of our logical and lateral thought processes. As I continue reading the book, I am sure there will be even more revelations, which I will share with you all. Till then, hang on and keep reading.

Some statements present themselves in my mind as I read The Fountainhead:

"He had not shown any signs of immortality. Somehow, he grew on to become one."

"He watched with stark innocence at his team's dismal display of immaturity."

"It seemed that thoughts had not inhabited his mind from a long time. His mind had become infertile. New ideas had be sown. New thought patterns had to be cultivated to make it fertile."

"He had become desperate. Desperate enough to run around and snatch the next bright idea from someone else's mind and implement it."

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