Saturday, February 24, 2007

all in a day's work

Concerned emotions. Changing notions. Brutal reality. Evolving reality. Rough day. Tough day. Changing paradigms. Concepts. Shocking performance. Conjured reasons. Plebeian people. Notional differences. Plummeting.

Transforming reality. Better people. Better performances. Evidence. Confidence. Juggernaut. Sharpening Saws. Competition. Late nights. Working capital. Improved performance. Sustained performance. Skyrocketing. Catapulting. Sundry. Collectivism. Individualism. Attitudes. Howard Roark.

Asterix. Obelix. Cacaphonix. Matrix. Vanishing reality. Blinding. Blink. Change. Surreal emotions. Overwhelming emotions. Susceptible phonenix. Charting paths. Drunken soul. Startling.


Just some words instantly put. Need not make sense to yal .Some randomly presented themselves with some deep, uncomprehensible purpose. Some with a definite purpose. But all related somehow. Deep within.


another instant thought:

"It would be too impolite to rob a man of his innocence"


Surreal senses. Danger within. Danger beyond. Reigning terror. Brutal strength. Core competence. Growing competence. Radical sabotage. Espionage. Relieved senses. New life. New twigs.

Space. Cosmos. Space within. Hubble. Expanding Universe. Multiverses. Souls. Growing Apart. Distant thoughts. Relatively similar. Uncertain thoughts. Uncertain location. Trespassing souls. Overcoming souls. Singular drive. Elemental drive. Singularity.


Invention. Discovery. Eureka. Rene Descartes. Einstein. Telescope. Vision. Transcending images. Transcending wisdom. Concepts. Bubble. Burst. New bubble.

Flash. Creativity. Invading innovation. Deep. Novel concept. Nascent thoughts. Hone. Tools. Cycle. Ups Downs. Crests. Troughs. Crests. Notions. Gravity. Situational drive. Crystal. Innocence.

Hooray!! Hooray!!


As I said, need not make sense to yal.


Impervious Soul. Solid state. Mettle. Human. Howard Roark. End of story. Period. Begnining. Focused efforts. Success. Growth. Evolution.

Hooray! :)

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